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  • Title: だんだん
  • Title (romaji): Dandan
  • Episodes: 150 (15 mins. each)
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Viewership ratings: 1st=16.8, high=18.7, avg=16.2
  • Air time: Monday through Saturday at 8:15
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Sep-29 to 2009-Mar-28

Series Synopsis

The 79th NHK Asadora is Dandan, a story about twin girls Megumi and Nozomi who had been separated at birth by their parent's divorce, but meet unexpectedly and discover their tight bonding. Together they decide to seek their career in singing. Tajima Megumi is an active high school girl in Shimane prefecture who loves to sing in a band on the streets. Ichijo Nozomi is a maiko - an apprentice geisha raised strictly by her geisha mother in Kyoto. The two girls meet by coincidence one day, and realize they had been brought to each other by a powerful fate because of their striking resemblance. Locations include Shimane and Kyoto. Dandan means "thank you" in the Izumo dialect.




Episode Information

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


  • The two heroine actresses, Mana and Kana, made their debut in 1996 when they starred in the NHK Asadora Futarikko. In Japan, they are virtually the equivalent, fame wise, to the Olsen Twins in the United States.

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