Dandelion Family OST

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Dandelion Family OST[edit]

Dandelion Family OST
  • Title: 민들레 가족 OST / Dandelion Family OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Release Date: 2010-Jun-11
  • Number of Tracks: 16
  • Publisher: Sony Music (소니뮤직)
  • Agency: Jacob's Trench (제이콥스트랜즈)
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. The Day Love Began
사랑이 시작되던 날
Oh So Young (오소영)
2. I Love You
나는 사랑한다
Na Yoon Kwon
3. Wave (Accordion Ver.) Various Artists
4. Cimarosa Various Artists
5. Broken Heart (Ji Won's Theme)
Broken Heart (지원 Theme)
Various Artists
6. Memory 1
추억 1
Go Kyung Hyun (고경현)
7. The Face I Remember
떠오르는 모습
Various Artists
8. Grace Various Artists
9. Nocturne
Lee Eun Mi (이은미)
10. At A Beautiful Place
아름다운 곳에서
Various Artists
11. Wave (Orchestra Ver.) Various Artists
12. Memory 2
추억 2
Seo Bum Suk
13. Coming Home Various Artists
14. Don't Spare Me
아끼지 말아요
Chun Dan Bi (천단비) and HowL
15. Tomorrow Various Artists
16. Memory (Lullaby)
추억 (Lullaby)
Seo Bum Suk

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