Dark Fragrance

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Dark Fragrance


  • Title: 暗香 / An Xiang
  • Also known as: 被爱放逐 / Bei Ai Fang Zhuo / Dark Fragrance
  • Episodes: 33
  • Genres: Drama, romance, family
  • Broadcast network: Guangdong Public TV, Yunnan Satellite TV
  • Broadcast year: 2009-May-22


At the beginning of the 19th century, Cheng Da, despite his origin as a poor orphan, became the ruthless founder of a rich and powerful family dynasty. Decades later, the fourth generation heir, Cheng Yuan is returning home for his father's funeral after studying in the US. On his way, he meets a couple in distress and agrees to help them on one condition: the woman, Wu Yue, will help him avoid matrimony by pretending to be his girlfriend. In exchange, he will help Li Ke Jin avoid prison. However, the family conflicts and turmoil that have arisen following his father's death may be putting Wu Yue in danger...

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