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  • Title: デート
  • Title (English): Date
  • Tagline: 恋とはどんなものかしら / Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Theme song: Anata ni Koi wo Shite Mimashita by chay
  • Opening song: Furimukanaide by The Peanuts


An plays the role of Yabushita Yoriko, a 29-year-old economics expert who holds a Masters degree from University of Tokyo and works in the field of macroeconomics research. She is rigid and refuses to pander to others. As she aims to get married by 30, she registers at a marriage agency in order to find a partner. On the other hand, Hasegawa plays a jobless man named Taniguchi Takumi who depends on his mother for a living while being absorbed in the world of literature, arts, music and entertainment. He regards himself as a high-class nomad and decides to register at the same marriage agency as Yoriko in order to find a rich woman who he can depend on for a living if his mother is no longer around. The two of them who are said to be unable to love and unsuitable for love get paired up together and through a number of dates, become closer to each other while viewing the topic of marriage as a mere contract rather than the union of two people who are in love with each other. --Dorama World

Season 1[edit]

  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership ratings: 12.46%
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-19 to 2015-Mar-23
  • Air time: Monday 21:00

User/Viewer Ratings[edit]

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Episode Ratings[edit]

Episode Episode title Ratings
01 14.8%
02 13.6%
03 11.0%
04 12.4%
05 11.1%
06 11.6%
07 10.4%
08 13.9%
09 12.3%
10 13.5%
Average 12.5%

Production Credits[edit]


  • Title: 2015夏 秘湯
  • Title (romaji): 2015 Natsu Hitou
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Viewership ratings: 9.5%
  • Broadcast date: 2015-Sep-28
  • Air time: 21:00 - 23:18


Production Credits[edit]

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