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Dear Mom


  • Title: 我的寶貝四千金 (我的宝贝四千金) / Wo De Bao Bei Si Qian Jin
  • English title: Dear Mom
  • Genre: Romance, family
  • Episodes: 84
  • Broadcast network: SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-16 to 2015-Apr-13
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:00
  • Opening theme songs: Yun Xiao Fei Che 雲霄飛車 Roller Coaster by Dawen
  • Ending theme songs: Ji Mo Zhi Guang 寂寞之光 Lonely Light by Rachel Liang
  • Insert songs:
    • Wo Men Hui Zai Jian 我們會再見 We'll Meet Again by Rachel Liang
    • Yi Ge Ren 一個人 A Person by Wilber Pan
    • Dian Shui 點水 A Drop Water by Rainie Yang
    • Xiao Shi Jie 小世界 Small World by Yao Yi Qing (姚亦晴)


The Li family have 4 daughters. Each is different in their own way. Eldest An Qing is the perfect daughter, excelling academically and successful. She lives in USA with her son and husband, but when she returns to Taiwan she hides the fact that she has been divorced. Second daughter Yi Wan, is obedient to her parents and caring to others. Simpleminded and a bit of a klutz, but she never worries her parents. She works as a kindergarten teacher. Third daughter Qing Qing is an overconfident workaholic. With her busy job as personal secretary to a company's CEO, her mom worries she will never have time to date and find a boyfriend. Then there is the youngest daughter Xiao Xi. She is a University student who is spoiled by dad and lives a carefree life. The Li sisters pursue life and love differently from each other.

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  • Jennifer Hong as Li An Qing 黎安晴 (30, first daughter of Li Family, a divorcee)
  • Xiu Jie Kai as Chen Qi Le 陳其樂 (31, fitness instructor, owner of Sport Technology company)
  • Joanne Tseng as Li Yi Wan 黎一彎 (26, second daughter of Li Family, kindergarten teacher)
  • Melvin Sia as Du Xiao Fei 杜曉飛 (28, lawyer and heir to a triad family)
  • Albee Huang as Li Qing Qing 黎清清 (25, third daughter of Li Family, Xu Ji Kuan's secretary)
  • Duncan as Xu Ji Kuan 徐季寬 (36, CEO of a company)
  • Beatrice Fang as Li Xiao Xi 黎小溪 (23, youngest daughter of Li Family, a student)
  • Jack Li as Zhao Yu Hang 趙宇航 (30, Li Family's neighbor, lecturer)
  • Lu Xue Feng (呂雪鳳) as Xu Feng Yi 許鳳儀 (55, four daughters' mother)
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Li Shu Guang 黎曙光 (56, four daughters' father)
  • Ding Ye Tian (丁也恬) as Chen Tian Jiao 陳甜嬌 (50, Xiao Fei's mother)
  • Yang Ming Wei as Xiao Guo Qin 蕭國欽 (25, Tian Jiao's ace)
  • Li Fang Wen (李芳雯) as Li Mei En 黎美恩 (Li Shu Guang's younger sister)
  • Ye Hui Zhi (葉蕙芝) as kindergarten principal
  • Zhu You Cheng (朱宥丞) as Sun Yi Xing/Xiao Xing Xing/Jerry 孫亦星, 小星星, Jerry (Li An Qing's son)
  • Mei Xian Zhi (梅賢治) as Long Long 龍龍 (kindergarten teacher)

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