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Dear Them


  • Title: 亲爱的她们 (親愛的她們) / Qin Ai De Ta Men
  • English Title: Dear Them
  • Also known as: Dear My Friends
  • Genre: Melodrama, family, friendship, comedy, romance
  • Episodes: 38
  • Viewership ratings: peak = 1.353% average = 1.099% [1]
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Dec-10 to 2018-Jan-01
  • Air time: Monday to Sunday
  • Opening theme song: Zhi Yin Wei Ai (只因为爱) Because of Love by He Jie
  • Ending theme song: Qin Ai De Ta (亲爱的她) Dear Her by Liu Xin
  • Insert songs:
    • Wu Lun Ru He (无论如何) Anyway by Ye Yong Xin (叶永欣)
    • You Zi Ji Jue Ding (由自己决定) Up to You by Jin Zhi Wen
    • Shi Jian Hen Mei (时间很美) Time is Beautiful by Ba Tu 巴图 & Wang Shu Long
    • Dang Ni Lao Le (当你老了) When You Are Old by Zhao Xi (赵照)
    • We are by Mi Ya (幂雅)
    • Ru Guo You Yi Tian (如果有一天) If One Day by Liu Xin
    • Ai Zhi Chu (爱之初) The Beginning of Love by Li Ruo Xi (李若溪)
  • Related show: Dear My Friends


Adapted from the Korean hit drama “Dear My Friends”, Dear Them tells the story of a couple of friends who have reached an old age and support each other while trying to let go of all worldly worries. From the perspective of Gu Jia Yi (Jiang Yan), we learn about her mother and her mother’s friends’ lifes and struggles. --MyDramaList

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Production Credits[edit]

  • Producer: Ceng Mao Jun (曾茂军), Gong Yu 龚宇, Yin Xiang Jin 尹香今, Xiao Ning 肖宁, Sun Li Li (孙莉莉), Zou Wen (邹文)
  • Director: Cui Liang (崔亮), Zhou Hai Jun (周海军)
  • Screenwriter: Zhao Xin (赵欣), Yang Nan Nan (杨楠楠), Ma Jian (马健), Guo Shuang (虢爽), Li Di Min (李狄敏)

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