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DramaWiki is an online database of information pertaining to dramas and things connected to dramas, in accordance with DramaWiki's purpose document. The content presented on DramaWiki was chosen by mutual agreement among the administrators and active editors. There are however some editors who want to take DramaWiki and make it into something that it wasn't meant to be. Therefore, besides explaining what DramaWiki is, DramaWiki must also explain what it is not. As a requirement of all MediaWiki systems on the Internet who one day plan on integrating with other MediaWiki systems, this article has been written.

DramaWiki is not a news service

DramaWiki is not to be used for writing news-like stories about artists or dramas. For example, divorces, relationship announcements and break-ups, trouble during filming, and other news-like information is not necessary. Exceptions are information that has been verified by an official or primary source, such as an announcement of a new TV drama to begin filming. The general philosphy behind this rule is that news information can be misleading, unverified, and even change with time. We especially do not want editors to keep changing information that expires.

DramaWiki is not a blog

Editors should not use the articles for personal use, such as promoting an artist or drama. The user pages should also not be used for personal use. And, conversation-like dialog should not occur in the articles.

DramaWiki is not a fansite

Editors should not add information to the artist and drama articles that are of an extreme fanboy/fangirl genre. Content considered touching fanboy/fangirl levels, referred to as fancruft, include the artist's feelings, favorite things/people/etc., body measurements other than height and weight, best friends, left/right-handed, known facial and bodily gestures, and so on.

DramaWiki is not a link respository

People attempt to store links of their own interest on the articles, such as image galleries, blogs, forums, e-commerce sites and other sites that are not considered authorative to the subject matter at-hand. Most of the time, the purpose is for the search engines like Google to pick up on these links, thereby increasing the ranking of these sites. DramaWiki will not condone such practices.

DramaWiki is not a photo gallery

Articles should not be used to store multiple images for an given artist or drama. Only one image per artist, and two images for dramas. In addition, DramaWiki should not be used to store external links to photo galleries, such as wallpaper galleries, photo galleries of a certain artist or TV drama, and so forth.

DramaWiki is not a chat-like forum

Do not use the user talk pages for chat-like dialog that is unrelated to the duties as an editor of DramaWiki. Also, do not use the artist and drama talk pages for personal messages or comments.

DramaWiki is not a free personal web page

Do not use the user pages as a personal web page. Generally, user pages should only be used to explain about the user's duties as an editor, and how the user will contribute to DramaWiki. Drama and artist listings are allowed, just as long as these entities exist on either DramaWiki or one of the other wiki sites, such as The.PPN or Wikipedia.