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During a maintenance operation, in a lot of pages some unicode text (mostly Kana text, but also some kanji and hangul letters) got corrupted. This project should help to keep track of which wikipages are still corrupted and need to be repaired. Below you find a list of all pages that need to be checked for errors. The list is sorted by popularity to set priority on pages with the most views. This project needs helpers who repair the corrupted text and remove the links to the fixed wikipages from the lists below.

Project Info[edit]

List of pages that need to be repaired[edit]

page rank 1-1000 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1001-1100 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1101-1200 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1201-1300 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1301-1400 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1401-1500 (finished)[edit]

page rank 1501-2000 (finished)[edit]

page rank 2001-2500 (finished)[edit]

page rank 2501-3000 (finished)[edit]

page rank 3001-3774 (finished)[edit]