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about the "Japanese Dramas Currently Airing" table

hmm, what is the purpose of this table? Isn't this page rather about current events related to DramaWiki or D-Addicts (e.g. ongoing competitions or polls)? It's a nice idea but your table contains just duplicate information (it's available on the drama pages) which will be deleted anyway once the series finished airing. Wasted effort, IMHO... but it's your decision. I have an easier solution...
If you just want a quick list of airing dramas then you can go to the Category:Airing Dramas page. It lists all pages that use the {{airing}} template. (At the moment the list on the category page is still quite empty due to the "category bug". But it should fill once the pages are with the {{airing}} template are touched.) --MoerkJ 08:43, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Adding drama lists in {{CountryTable3}}

Do you think it would be useful to add a link to Dramas Currently Airing and Upcoming Drama to the country templates? i.e. the templates used to display the links on the main page for each country. --Ruroshin 22:44, 26 Mar 2006 (EST)

Hmm, it seems until now only for the jdramas there was interest for maintaining such lists. It seems to be very difficult to get information for upcoming dramas for the other countries. Because the dramas often air for a short time only (1-2 months) it is probabaly not really necessary to have separate airing drama lists. Just tagging the few dramas with an {{airing}} tag sould be enough. Also keeping the upcoming drama lists later as past drama lists is a bit more complicated for countries that have no "drama seasons" (all but Japan I guess). In fact, later the past drama lists are not needed anymore. We have drama categories by year which do that job and all further information is contained on the drama pages already.
Previously I also suggested not to use such rather complex tables on list pages and to create simple lists instead. The tables are much too complex and can edited by experienced editors only. I think it's enough if the lists have the links to the drama pages. The individual drama pages should contain all further information instead. All further information is just duplicated and are not needed in those tables after the dramas finished airing. Well, it is up to the editors to deceide on a format, but if there are no lists then we shouldn't link to them in the country tables either. --MoerkJ 21:14, 27 Mar 2006 (EST)
The seperation of seasons will obviously only work for jdramas but the others don't have to follow that format for upcoming dramas. I guess it will depend if we get enough active editors to put useful information in those two pages for the respective countries. If not then we could remove the link from the template and only have them for countries with active editors or perhaps change the link to [[:Category:{{{country code}}}airing]] or something simliar and have a
{{jairing}} {{kairing}} etc
templates? --Ruroshin 21:36, 27 Mar 2006 (EST)
I think with only 10-20 airing dramas, a separation into further subcategories with more country-specific templates isn't necessary (yet). We can use one airing category and template for all countries for now. I don't like the idea of the categorizing templates very much. It is very practical for big categories, but looks weird for small categories because the templates get listed too. Unfortunately it cannot be avoided. Instead of linking in each country section I'd prefer another section which links to the more general WikiDrama category structure (root category, help, maintenance, policies(todo!), etc.) to support "browsing by category". The category hierarchy still needs a little improvement, like putting all the drama categories in a suitable super category. --MoerkJ 00:29, 28 Mar 2006 (EST)