Dynasty Doctor

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Dynasty Doctor


  • Title: 皇朝太医 / Huang Chao Tai Yi
  • Also known as: 流氓太医 (Liu Mang Tai Yi) / Dynasty Doctor / The Doctor of the Dynasty's Emperor / Vulgar Doctor / Rogue Doctor
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast year: 2001


This series is about Ping Chang who is a con artist but eventually has an interest in being a doctor. While doing an con, he meets a real doctor-to-be, Cao Tang. They soon become friends and he gets into Caotang's shifu's hospital. Both guys eventually get to know the Shifu's daughter. They think she is weird because sometimes she acts friendly and gentle and at other times she's mean and rude. Then soon find out that she has had a bit of a rough childhood which makes her have a split personality. The gentle, nice personality is called Su Wen and the more rough and rash is Ling Shu. Eventually, Caotang falls in love with Ling Shu while Ping Chang develops feelings for Su Wen. Her symptoms gets worse and she needs to have an operation to let one of them go. Which personality will live and which will die?

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