Eighteen Springs

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Eighteen Springs


  • Title: 半生緣 / Ban Sheng Yuan
  • English title: Eighteen Springs (HK)
  • Also known as: Half Life Fate
  • Episodes: 35
  • Genres: Romance
  • Broadcast period: 2003-Oct
  • Broadcast network: BTV-2 * / ATV
  • Opening theme song: Ban Sheng Yuan (半生缘) by Ruby Lin
  • Ending theme song: Ca Jian Er Guo (擦肩而过) by Ruby Lin


Gu Man Zhen is a kindhearted but naive girl. Her innermost feelings are strong & resolute after experiencing numerous hardships. After graduating from college, she started working in an office at a factory. There, she met and mutually fell in love with her handsome and good-natured colleague Shen Shi Jun. In front of Man Zhen, Shi Jun is a silent, considerate lover. Due to false reports that Man Zhen already married someone else and had left the region, he fell into a state of depression and decided to marry another woman. Gu Man Lu is Man Zhen's older sister. She was once a famous prostitute in Shanghai who resorted to the profession at age 18 in order to support her family. However, her distressful experiences turned her into a cold and calculating person who would even use her younger sister. Man Lu's husband is Zhu Hong Cai, a venomous, opportunistic, and lazy womanizer who has his eyes on Man Zhen. He will resort to any means to get what he wants.

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  • Story setting: Shanghai during the 1930s

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