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  • Title: 浴火 / Yu Huo
  • English title: Fire
  • Genre: Police
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2021


In order to thwart the crimes of criminals, young police officers were forced to reveal their undercover status in the international drug trafficking gang "Tian Lang", and some comrades were also suspected of being traitors. In order to arrest the leader of Tian Lang Du Saiye, a special team was set up. As Wei Ran is familiar with Tian Lang, he was recruited into the team. However the captain Ding Kai is wary of him. During the operation, Wei Ran risked his life and brought the criminal to justice, which changed Ding Kai's perception to him. Unwilling to give up, Tian Ran sent an undercover who sneaked into a chemical factory in Gobi in an attempt to obtain a formula to make new drugs. Wei Ran and Ding Kai led the team to trace Du Saiye's old nest in the border. After a fierce struggle, Du Saiye was finally arrested and the whole team of Tian Lang was annihilated. With their passion and lives, Wei Ran and Ding Kai defeated crimes and maintain the stability of the country and society.


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