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Forensic Anthropologist Kumiko Misaki 6


  • Title: 人類学者・岬久美子の殺人鑑定
  • Title (English): Forensic Anthropologist Kumiko Misaki
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery
  • Format: Tanpatsu (Doyo Wide Gekijo (1-16), 土曜プライム・Doyo Wide Gekijo (17-18), 日曜ワイド (19))
  • Episodes: 7
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi

Some episodes have aired English subtitled in Hawaii as part of KIKU's Mystery Theatre.


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1 - 砂浜をさまよう白骨死体!? 22年前の殺人を六万年前の花粉が解く!![edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2010

6 - A Bone Whisperer! Mystery of a Couple Who Disappeared 18 Years Ago!! A Wedding Ring Reveals a Memory... Fake View From a Mother's Back!?[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2016

7 - 光るガラスが未解決事件を解く! 夫と消えたアモーレはどこ[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2017

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