Fu Hun Fang Cheng Shi

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Fu Hun Fang Cheng Shi


  • Title: 复婚方程式 / Fu Hun Fang Cheng Shi
  • English title: Remarriage Formula
  • Genre: Romance, family
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network: TBA
  • Broadcast period: TBA
  • Year of production: 2018


Yang Shuo and Tong Xin have been married for eight years, and their different values ​​and outlook on life drive their relationship farther and farther until they divorce. After the divorce, Yang Shuo did not seek to make progress, but Tong Xin made a successful career with her own hard work, and is about to enter the marriage palace with the program director Mai Tian who has loved her for many years. His son Yang Yang could not accept his mother marrying another man, and used extreme methods to prevent the marriage. For Yang Yang, Yang Shuo and Tong Xin, who were already strangers, had to stage a farce of fake remarriage. Eventually, the incident was revealed and both parents learned the truth. Deeply shocked, they finally realized that they should not interfere with the emotional life of young people. In the life of false remarriage, Yang Shuo cheered up under Tong Xin's emotional appeal, and achieved results in his work. At the same time, the two sides re-recognized each other, Tong Xin returned to Yang Shuo's embrace.


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