Full House OST

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Full House OST
  • Title: 풀하우스 OST / Full House OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Release Date: 2004-Jul-19
  • Number of Tracks: 22
  • Publisher: KT Music, Vitamin
  • Agency: JYP Entertainment
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Full House (Inst.) Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
2. Destiny
WHY (와이)
3. Forever (Inst.) Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
4. I Think I Byul
5. Poem (Inst.)
시 (Inst.)
Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
6. The End of Being Friends
친구란 말
7. Destiny (Full Slow Inst.)
운명 (Full Slow Inst.)
Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
8. Blue Hills Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
9. Destiny (Slow Ver.)
운명 (Slow Ver.)
Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
10. I Think I (Guitar Inst.) Hong Joon Ho (홍준호)
11. Love Bloomed Late (Too Late)
늦게 핀 사랑 (Too Late)
G-Soul (지소울)
12. Forever WHY (와이)
13. Destiny (Semi Slow Inst.)
운명 (Semi Slow Inst.)
Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
14. Love At the Gate (Inst.) Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
15. I'm Thankful
16. Love Bloomed Late (Too Late) (Violin Inst.)
늦게 핀 사랑 (Too Late) (Violin Inst.)
Shim Sang Won (심상원)
17. Amazing Love (Inst.) Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
18. Paradiso (Inst.) Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
19. Destiny (Inst.)
운명 (Inst.)
Lee Kyung Sup (이경섭)
20. The First Time In The First Place
처음 그 자리에
Lee Bo Ram (이보람)
21. Title Shuffle (Humming)
타이틀셔플 (허밍)
by V.A.
22. Sha La La (Humming)
샤랄라 (허밍)
by V.A.

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