Gentlemen of East 8th

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Gentlemen of East 8th


  • Title: 东八区的先生们 / Dong Ba Qu De Xian Sheng Men
  • English title: Gentlemen of East 8th
  • Also known as: 先生们请立正 / Xian Sheng Men, Qing Li Zheng / Gentlemen Attention Please
  • Genre: Drama, friendship, romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV, Tencent, Hubei TV
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Aug-31 to 2022-Sep-18
  • Airing time: Sunday-Saturday 20:00
  • Theme song: At Least We Have Us (至少我们还有我们) by Zhang Han, Du Chun, Jing Chao & Huang You Ming


Story of Tong Yu, Guo Chong, Li Jiesen and Xiang Xiaofei, who are close friends in university.

2020 in Shanghai, artificial intelligence engineer Tong Yu, university lecturer Guo Chong, branded shop manager Xiang Xiaofei and western restaurant chef Li Jiesen has reached the age of maturity. However, they has reached a stage of nadir in their respective careers. Tong Yu faces difficulties in research and development, Guo Chong has lost his passion for his amidst the stability of his job, Li Jiesen finds it hard to break through the bottleneck, and Xiang Xiaofei is struggling between his ideals and money.

The four men also encountered love in their respective lives, but their relationship problems are far more complicated than their careers. Tong Yu and his company's manager Xu Duo faces many ups and downs in their relationship. Guo Chong and graduate Ai Mi seems neither close nor distant. Li Jiesen is pursuing his idol, a weibo author named Yue Ziqian, while Xiang Xiaofei and businesswoman Liu Shengnan enters into a lightning marriage.

The four men, who are facing a typical middle-aged crisis, supports each other while seeking a breakthrough in the ups and downs. In the end, the four men decides to embrace their career and love at their best age, and walk towards a better and more mature version of themselves.

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