Give the Decisive Word

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Give the Decisive Word


  • Title: 一言为定 / Yi Yan Wei Ding
  • English title: Give the Decisive Word
  • Also known as: 说好一言为定 / Shuo Hao Yi Yan Wei Ding
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 21


Ximen Hong saves Ye Yu during a trip to the mountains and falls in love with her. That night, the two share a deep conversation about happiness and pain over a few drinks. The next morning, Ximen Hong finds that Ye Yu has disappeared, leaving behind only a note that says if he can find her within the next two years, she will become his wife and give him a lifetime of happiness.

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Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Novel Ni Shuo Ni Na Er Dou Min Gan (你说你哪儿都敏感) by Ximen Da Guan Ren (西门大官人)
  • Director: Pan Feng (潘峰)


  • Product release: 2008
  • Production year: 2005

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