Granting You a Warm Dawnlight

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Granting You a Warm Dawnlight


  • Title: 许你暖暖的晨光 / Xu Ni Nuan Nuan De Chen Guang
  • English Title: Granting You a Warm Dawnlight
  • Genre: Workplace, romance
  • Episodes: 45
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2021


30-year old reporter Feng Nuan loses both her career and loved ones in one day, thus losing her direction in life. A sudden news report lets her meet Xu Chen, a university student majoring in communications. The two became partners in an assignment by the broadcasting station, and begin working together to tackle news about cyber bullying and speaking up for victims. As time goes by, their relationship gets better and Xu Chen awakens Feng Nuan's passion toward news reporting. In the midst of their assignment, Feng Nuan discovers the truth of the death of her loved one eight years ago. Unafraid of unethical businessmen and their threats, Feng Nuan and Xu Chen revealed the truth and brought the culprits to light.


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