Gyakuten Houdou no Onna

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Gyakuten Houdou no Onna


  • Title: 逆転報道の女
  • Title (romaji): Gyakuten Houdou no Onna
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama
  • Format: Tanpatsu (Doyo Wide Gekijo)
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes: 5


3 - ワケあり主婦キャスターが挑む火ダルマ連続殺人 封印された目撃証言! 被害者を結ぶ5年前の冤罪事件?復讐の炎が炙り出す消えた記憶の謎[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2014-Apr-19
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00
  • Viewership rating: 11.5%
  • Theme song: Sukaretto by Sukima Suitchi


5 years ago:
A car repair shop is the scene of arson. In Akiruno's Itsukaichi district.

Present day:
In Akiruno's Itsukaichi district a shocking incident near Tokyo Sky Tower, a fire occurs. The victim Hosogai Shiho. The Daisuke, her husband runs a cafe together with her, the next day he doesn't got to work. The incident gets covered in "Heart News." If you look, Shiho didn't return home for the past 2 weeks, and that was going to the place of the other woman. Shiho was having an affair for the second time. Daisuke clearly had a since of hatred for is His wife. His alibi says he was in the store that he ran with his wife, but there is no definite evidence that he was or wasn't there at the time of the incident. There is speculation that there might be... an accomplice.

Two days after the incident of Shiho's death, the burned body is found in the riverbed of Tama River. Saori excels in identifying people from the personal effects around the body. The victim is Maki Yosuke,this is not Daisuke's first time hearing about this man, Yosuke is the man Shiho had an affair with 5 years ago. Meanwhile, a third crime occurs. Now the victim is Ida Kenji, a lecturer at a local cram school. He became a cram school teacher five years ago. Prior to that, that he was a teacher of junior high school.

Present day about 5 years ago: In the investigation material of the arson from 5 years ago, Yosuke, and Shiho were listed as witnesses of a surprise arson. Like Kenji, they both refused to give a witness testimony. Perhaps they might have been afraid that the affair would come to light. Yosuke, the dead man, who witnessed the same incident continuously refused to give testimony. Between the three witnesses one of them knows/knew a critical fact in relation to the arson. Saori's hypothesis is that people were to keep them silent, dead people don't talk.

Asano Kazuya, ran the car repair shop that was the site of the fire. He confessed to the crime and received a life sentence. In addition, he recently died in prison. Saori attempts to contact Asano's daughter Misaki, a survivor of arson, and Kitagawa Shota who still a boy at that time. In addition, he tries to interview Wanibuchi Takeshi, who was a Lieutenant at that time, and was in charge of the case. Surprisingly Wanibuchi still believes Asano is innocent. According to the Wanibuchi, there was 1 other witness. Saori wants to call that witness but doesn't know their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Saori further explores the incident from the past. However, politicians are pressuring him to stop investigating that incident. --TV Asahi

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