Hanayome wa 16-sai

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16 year old Bride


  • Title: 花嫁は16才!
  • Title (romaji): Hanayome wa 16-sai!
  • Also known as: 16 year old Bride!
  • Tagline: ~ My Un-Fair Lady ~
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership ratings: 9.5%
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 1995-Oct-16 to 1995-Dec-18
  • Air time: Monday 20:00
  • Theme song: Unbalance by Takahashi Katsunori


"I'll come back to get you, I promise!" That's what her mother promised Tateno Natsumi when she was 3 years old, but she never did come back. All Natsumi had to remember her by was that broken promise and a small teddy bear her mother gave to her. Now 16 years old and a high school drop-out, Natsumi sleeps on benches in the park, does odd jobs and shoplifts when she has to. The only thing that keeps her going is a promise made to her childhood friend, Chiaki, that she would someday make enough money so they could live together. Chiaki has been hospitalized for years now with an illness, and Natsumi is determined to make enough money so Chiaki can get the surgery she needs so she can be released from the hospital and they can get an apartment together.

Meanwhile, two companies are about to be joined together through an arranged marriage. Tachibana Naoto took over Tachibana Corporation as president after his father's early death. He is to marry the 19 year old daughter of the wealthy president of the Iwasaki Corporation, Sayuri. However, two weeks before the wedding ceremony, Sayuri runs away from home, leaving a note that simply says "A marriage without love is not a marriage I want." Both companies were depending on this union of families and companies to help their respective businesses. The president of Iwasaki Corporation, Sayuri's father, is desperate to get her back for the wedding.

When an employee of his runs into Natsumi on the street, he realizes she looks exactly like Sayuri. He brings her to the Iwasaki residence, and they strike a deal. The rough and crude Natsumi who lives on the streets must transform into the elegant and refined rich girl Sayuri for three months, in exchange for a very large sum of money. Part of these duties include getting married to Naoto!! But can she pull off this elaborate scheme without any members of the Iwasaki family finding out? And hey! She's only sixteen years old! A sixteen year old bride!!

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Episode Titles[edit]

  • Ep 01: No Love, No Money, A Conspiracy! The Rich Girl's Imposter Heads to the Upper Class!
  • Ep 02: "The Rich Girl's Imposter and Her Miserable Wedding
  • Ep 03: Feelings About Mom I Kept to Myself
  • Ep 04: Cinderella Can Do Nothing But Lie
  • Ep 05: The Day We Became One as a Family
  • Ep 06: The Gift From Mom That Touched My Heart
  • Ep 07: A Visit From an Unfamiliar Mother and the Death of a Friend
  • Ep 08: The Fateful Day Has Arrived!
  • Ep 09: A Lonely, Teary Farewell
  • Ep 10: A Tearful Merry Christmas

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