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  • Title: 힐러 / Hilleo
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, thriller, action
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-08 to 2015-Feb-10
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
  • Original Soundtrack: Healer OST


A mysterious messenger, an online newspaper reporter who only concerns her own interests, a popular reporter who agonizes over the truth and reality.

When these three people meet, a passionate romance starts and the truths from the past and present reveal themselves to the world. This drama features young people and how they grow into real reporters.

Source: KBS World

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Main Cast
People around Seo Jung Hoo
  • Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja (49) (officer of the Cybercrime Investigation Department, currently a top-notch hacker)
  • Oh Kwang Rok as Ki Young Jae (55) (mentor Seo Jung Hoo)
  • Tae Mi as Kang Dae Yong (21) (Seo Jung Hoo / Healer's assistant)
  • Ji Il Joo as Seo Joon Suk (21, 29, Jung Hoo's father)
  • Lee Kyung Shim as Jung Hoo's mother (ep 4, 11-13)
People around Chae Young Shin
  • Park Sang Myun as Chae Chi Soo (53, Young Shin's step father, lawyer, barista, owner of the Evergreen cafe)
  • Park Won Sang as Jang Byung Se (40s) (Editor-in-Chief of Summday News, Chae Young Shin's boss)
  • Woo Hyun as Chul Min (mid 40s) (an employee of the Evergreen cafe, a former pickpocket and burglar)
  • Oh Jong Hyuk as Oh Gil Han (21, 29, Ji An's father)
  • Choi Seung Kyung as reporter Ye (Sunday News employee, colleague of Chae Young Shin)
  • Kim Jin Hee as No Seo Jae (Sunday News employee, colleague of Chae Young Shin)
  • Kim Dong Kyu (김동규) as Park Chan Young (Sunday News employee, colleague of Chae Young Shin)
People around Kim Moon Ho
  • Park Sang Won as Kim Moon Shik (55, Moon Ho's older brother, president of major media company Cheil Shimbun)
  • Do Ji Won as Choi Myung Hee (54) (Kim Moon Shik's wife / Oh Ji An's mother)
  • Woo Hee Jin as Kang Min Jae (35) (head of the press service of the ABS TV channel, boss Kim Moon Ho)
  • Jang Sung Bum as Lee Jong Soo (late 20s) (talented young reporter of ABS TV channel, assistant to Kim Moon Ho)

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