Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre

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Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre


  • Title: 倚天屠龙记 / Yi Tian Tu Long Ji
  • English title: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-27
  • Air time: 20:00
  • Related TV series: see The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber


Legends has it that whoever wields the Dragon Slaying Saber and Heavenly Sword will rule the world. The story follows young hero Zhang Wuji and his adventures in the Jianghu, and his romantic entanglement with four ladies.

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Ming Cult

  • Lin Shen as Yang Xiao, the Bright Left Messenger. The acting leader of Ming Cult
  • Zong Feng Yan as Fan Yao (voiced by Ye Bao Hua), the Bright Right Messenger
  • The Four Guardian Kings
    • Zhang Yong Gang as Xie Xun, nicknamed the Golden Lion King. Mastered the powerful skill 'Lion's Roar'. He became sworn siblings with Zhang Wuji's parents, and in turn become Zhang Wuji's god-father. He suffers from bouts of insanity due to mastering the "Fists of Seven Damages"; in order to defeat his former mentor who killed his family
    • Xiao Rong Sheng as Yin Tian Zheng (voiced by Mao Jing) (see Heavenly Eagle Cult)
    • Yang Ming Na as Dai Qi Si (voiced by Yang Ying)
    • Chen Chuang as Wei Yi Xiao

Heavenly Eagle Cult

The sect was founded by Yin Tian Zheng, one of the Four Guardian Kings of Ming Cult, whom left the Ming Cult during its internal conflict.

Wu Dang Sect

The sect was founded by Zhang San Feng, a former disciple of Shao Lin Sect.

Emei Sect

  • Kathy Chow as Abbess Miejue (voiced by Yuan Zhi), leader of Emei Sect. She aims to purge the evil sects and make Emei the leading sect in Emei. She hates the Ming Sect, because of Yang Xiao's indirect involvement in the events leading to his senior and lover Guhongzi's death
  • Wu Jing Jing as Ji Xiao Fu (voiced by He Wen Xiao), one of Miejue's apprentices who is seen as a potential successor to her master. She is originally Yin Liting's fiancée but falls in love with Yang Xiao
  • Tao Luo Yi as Ding Min Jun, senior apprentice of Emei Sect. She is jealous of her master's favoritism toward Ji Xiaofu
  • Zuo Yang as Bei Jin Yi

Shao Lin Sect

Kun Lun Sect



  • A Life of Fighting is but a Dream (刀剑如梦) by Wakin Chau (Opening theme song)
  • What Is Eternity (何为永恒) by Hu Xia (Ending theme song)
  • Only You In This Lifetime (此生惟你) by Zhou Shen
  • True Heart (赤子心) by Li Qi
  • Try to Forget (俩俩相忘) by Qu Xiao Bing

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  • 2019 Tencent Video All Star Awards:
  • 2019 Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival:
  • 2019 6th The Actors of China Award Ceremony:

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