Himitsu na Oku-san

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  • Title: ひみつな奥さん
  • Title (romaji): Himitsu na Oku-san
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Part 1[edit]

  • Subtitle:
  • Subtitle (romaji):
  • Broadcast date: 2006-Nov-11
  • Air time: 21:00 to 22:52
  • Opening theme: Love You, by SunMin
  • Ending theme: Reunion, by Matsu Takako


Choko, a former number one hostess in Ginza, is married to elite detective Rokuro, and must live life incognito as a "perfect wife." One day, Choko discovers that her former regular client Tanuma is arrested for tax evasion, and the only way to prove his innocence is for her to come forward and testify for him. In doing so, Choko must reveal her past secret life to Rokuro's colleagues which may jeopardize Rokuro's future career path. What choice will Choko make?

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Part 3[edit]

  • Subtitle: イケメンホスト殺人事件
  • Subtitle (romaji): Ikemen Host Satsujin Jiken / Male Host Murder Case
  • Broadcast date: 2008-May-30
  • Air time: 19:57 to 21:49


Choko, a former top Ginza hostess turned wife of a dignified police officer, launches a private investigation to reveal the truth on the mysterious death of a male host.


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