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Weekly Synopses for NHK drama Hitomi

Week 1 - Eps 001-006[edit]

  • Subtitle: To Tsukishima
  • Air time: 2008-Mar-31 thru 2008-Apr-5 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.5 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi, a 20-year-old street dancer living in Hokkaido, and her mother attends her grandmother's funeral in Tokyo. She meets her grandfather Katsutaro who is raising three foster children at Tsukishima, the old part of Tokyo. Shota, one of the foster children, assumes that Katsutaro can no longer raise them and runs away. Hitomi finds him and decides to move in to help her grandfather raise them.

Week 2 - Eps 007-012[edit]

  • Subtitle: 20-year-old Foster Parent?
  • Air time: 2008-Apr-7 thru 2008-Apr-12 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.7 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi starts her new life at Tsukishima. Her goal is to become a great dancer while helping to raise her grandfather's foster children. Hitomi passes an audition to attend the dancing school of her choice but meanwhile Shota causes trouble. She wonders why her grandfather has decided to become a foster parent.

Week 3 - Eps 013-018[edit]

  • Subtitle: A Step Toward Becoming an Adult
  • Air time: 2008-Apr-14 thru 2008-Apr-19 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.0 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: While waiting for the final approval from the authority if Katsutaro's home is suitable to house foster children, Hitomi tries to make a good foster home. One day, one of the foster children, Akira, stops going to school and starts working. He is worried about the finance situation of Katsutaro.

Week 4 - Eps 019-024[edit]

  • Subtitle: Be Courageous
  • Air time: 2008-Apr-21 thru 2008-Apr-26 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.3 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi has accidentally lost Shota's blanket, his mother's memorabilia. Meanwhile, Yuria is sad that her friend, whom she secretly likes, will be moving after graduation. With Hitomi's support, Yuria finally tells him her feeling, and again by accident, Shota's blanket turns up.

Week 5 - Eps 025-030[edit]

  • Subtitle: Dance and Flower-viewing
  • Air time: 2008-Apr-28 thru 2008-May-3 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.8 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Spring has come and Hitomi starts attending her dancing school. One day, she goes to a club with friends and fatefully meets the legendary dancer, KEN. Having too much fun, she forgets to go to a cherry blossom viewing party with her neighbors and stays out all night.

Week 6 - Eps 031-036[edit]

  • Subtitle: がんばりすぎました
  • Air time: 2008-May-5 thru 2008-May-10 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 14.9 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Keiko, former foster child of Katsutaro, has a word with Hitomi that she should spend more time with the children. Hitomi decides to further dedicate herself with the children while continuing her dancing lessons, but falls ill of overwork. Hitomi decides to quit dancing to commit with the children but deep in her heart remained her desire to dance.

Week 7 - Eps 037-042[edit]

  • Subtitle: Becoming Partners
  • Air time: 2008-May-12 thru 2008-May-17 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.1 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: With the warm support of her family, Hitomi resumes her dancing lessons. She tries to find a new member to form a unit to take back dancers' audition. Hitomi and her friend, Junko, asks Yuka to join, to which she refuses. All three take the audition, but they all fail.

Week 8 - Eps 043-048[edit]

  • Subtitle: ふたつの愛
  • Air time: 2008-May-19 thru 2008-May-24 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.4 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Akira gets a girlfriend and she visits Ippongi family. Meanwhile, Yuka leaves home after a quarrel with father and she comes to stay with Junko. To earn Yuka's living, Hitomi and her friends find a job as dancers at an amusement park, where she finds Akira's girlfriend weeping. She was crying because the park happened to be the place where Akira was abandoned by his father.

Week 9 - Eps 049-054[edit]

  • Subtitle: 結婚します
  • Air time: 2008-May-26 thru 2008-May-31 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.5 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Keiko visits Katsutaro to introduce her fiance. Hitomi feels that Katsutaro would not like him. With Hitomi's support, Katsutaro finally approves their engagement. After a while, Hitomi sees Keiko's fiance with another woman at a hotel where Hitomi's unit was performing.

Week 10 - Eps 055-060[edit]

  • Subtitle: 急ぎすぎた幸せ
  • Air time: 2008-Jun-2 thru 2008-Jun-7 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.0 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi worries over Keiko's marriage after seeing her fiance with another woman. Although Hitomi finally finds the nerves to tell Keiko about her fiance, both Keiko and Katsutaro play down Hitomi's concerns. Momoko was the only one who believed Hitomi and the two visit Keiko's fiance to find the truth.

Week 11 - Eps 061-066[edit]

  • Subtitle: じいちゃんのいない夏
  • Air time: 2008-Jun-9 thru 2008-Jun-14 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.1 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Katsutaro falls down the stairs and breaks his leg. Hitomi asks Momoko to help take care of the children. At first the children reject Momoko because she was at odds with Katsutaro whom the children adore, but later they open their hearts to her.

Week 12 - Eps 067-072[edit]

  • Subtitle: 祭りにいけない
  • Air time: 2008-Jun-16 thru 2008-Jun-21 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.8 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: After dancing at a festival, Hitomi, Yuka and Junko decide to form a unit to take part in a dance contest. Meanwhile, Ume, an elderly neighbor falls ill. Her son, who runs a large firm, asks her to live with his family but Ume rejects the offer.

Week 13 - Eps 073-078[edit]

  • Subtitle: ローズマリー誕生
  • Air time: 2008-Jun-23 thru 2008-Jun-28 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.9 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Hitomi and her friends begin practicing for the dance contest. But Yuka and Junko confront each other while Hitomi has problem keeping up her skills. One night, they meet a dance unit from Osaka and find them to be their rival in the contest.

Week 14 - Eps 079-084[edit]

  • Subtitle: 母、あらわれる
  • Air time: 2008-Jun-30 thru 2008-Jul-5 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Katsutaro leaves the hospital while Hitomi's unit wins the contest and decides to keep the unit to take part in bigger contests. Katsutaro finds that Shota's mother has been tracked and that she wishes to live with her son. Hitomi has problem accepting the woman who once abandoned her boy.

Week 15 - Eps 085-090[edit]

  • Subtitle: 涙のタオルケット
  • Air time: 2008-Jul-7 thru 2008-Jul-12 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Shota meets his mother for the first time in years. Hitomi has mixed feelings over their reunion at first, but gradually begins accepting the situation. Mikie brings her fiancé, Mitsuru to the Ippongi family, but soon they find out that Mitsuru hasn't officially introduced her to his mother. One day, Momoko sees Mikie and Mitsuru quarreling at a department store where Hitomi's unit was performing.

Week 16 - Eps 091-096[edit]

  • Subtitle: さよなら将太
  • Air time: 2008-Jul-14 thru 2008-Jul-19 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Mikie hesitates to take Shota back after her marriage was cancelled. However, Hitomi convinces her to live with Shota and Mikie starts seeing a counselor who helps her realize her old trauma. Mikie meets her father, Toshio, after 19 years of separation and decides to raise Shota in Izu Islands where Toshio lives. The day Shota leaves Ippongi family nears.

Week 17 - Eps 097-102[edit]

  • Subtitle: Dance is Life
  • Air time: 2008-Jul-21 thru 2008-Jul-26 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: While Hitomi's unit plans to enter a big dance contest, they find the company which Yuka's father owns had filed for bankruptcy and Junko's mother had been in an accident. The unit starts to fall apart before the contest. Hitomi receives an advice from KEN to put the unit back on track.

Week 18 - Eps 103-108[edit]

  • Subtitle: 恋の季節
  • Air time: 2008-Jul-28 thru 2008-Aug-02 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Hitomi's unit decides to apply for the dance contest. Kazu, a leader of a dance unit from Osaka, urges Ray to be in the contest with KEN, because he wanted to settle matters with a rival of his brother, Eiji, through dancing. After hearing the truth about a legendary dance unit from Ray, Hitomi tries to persuade KEN to perform at the contest. Yuzo's fist unexpectedly opens KEN's closed heart.

Week 19 - Eps 109-114[edit]

  • Subtitle: 勝負の時
  • Air time: 2008-Aug-04 thru 2008-Aug-09 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: The dance contest nears and KEN and RAY decide to enter. Yuka and Junko are also ready to take on the challenge after settling their own family problems. A party is thrown at Hitomi’s house on the eve of the contest, but Akira is absent. Hitomi accidentally sees Akira on the street, but he runs away after seeing Hitomi. Hitomi slips while chasing after him, and realizes she had injured her leg on the morning of the contest. A big day for everyone was about to begin.

Week 20 - Eps 115-120[edit]

  • Subtitle: つぎの一歩
  • Air time: 2008-Aug-11 thru 2008-Aug-16 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: While Hitomi was feeling burned out now that the contest was over, she learns that the other two girls of her team had been scouted by an agent. Yuzo officially succeeds the business, and KEN starts to work with him. Katsutaro and Yuriko worry about Hitomi who is left behind while others launch their new lives.

Week 21 - Eps 121-126[edit]

  • Subtitle:
  • Air time: 2008-Aug-18 thru 2008-Aug-23 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Hitomi realizes that dancing was her true passion, but she has trouble setting career plans. One day a kindergarten school asks Hitomi to teach dancing, but she finds teaching a tough job. Yuzo notices something going on between KEN and Keiko who gets an offer for an arranged marriage meeting.

Week 22 - Eps 127-132[edit]

  • Subtitle:
  • Air time: 2008-Aug-25 thru 2008-Aug-30 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Yuzo starts dating Keiko after crushing her arranged marriage meeting. An elderly neighbor asks Hitomi to teach hip-hop dance for her to dance at a party with kindergarten children. Hitomi starts to think of the choreography to suit the party, but one old man appears and stands in her way.

Week 23 - Eps 133-138[edit]

  • Subtitle: 父と娘
  • Air time: 2008-Sep-01 thru 2008-Sep-06 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: Hitomi accidentally spots her father, Wataru one day, but is hesitant to tell neither her mother nor Katsutaro. Hitomi opens her own dance studio after she was asked by a senior citizens' group to teach dancing. Yuzo and Keiko decide to get married. KEN advises Hitomi to follow her heart which makes her decide to meet her father.

Week 24 - Eps 139-144[edit]

  • Subtitle: 家族とは…
  • Air time: 2008-Sep-08 thru 2008-Sep-13 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: A four-year-old girl comes to stay at Hitomi's house for one week. Yuriko offers a hand in taking care of the young girl who cries at night. Hitomi's dance studio becomes popular for its anti-metabolic syndrome class. On the last day of the girl at Hitomi's house Yuriko tells Hitomi that she should visit Wataru any time she wants to.

Week 25 - Eps 145-150[edit]

  • Subtitle: けじめの夏
  • Air time: 2008-Sep-15 thru 2008-Sep-20 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: The biggest festival in town begins. As everyone watched, Wataru tries to carry a portable shrine which he had failed when he proposed Yuriko. KEN reveals his plan to go abroad to challenge himself in dancing after the festival. When the festival was over Hitomi and her friends were about to step into a new stage in their lives.

Final week - Eps 151-156[edit]

  • Subtitle:
  • Air time: 2008-Sep-22 thru 2008-Sep-27 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating:
  • Synopsis: The biggest festival in town begins. As everyone watched, Wataru tries to carry a portable shrine which he had failed when he proposed Yuriko. KEN reveals his plan to go abroad to challenge himself in dancing after the festival. When the festival was over Hitomi and her friends were about to step into a new stage in their lives.