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  • Title: 保身
  • Title (romaji): Hoshin
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Crime
  • Viewership ratings: 4.5%
  • Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
  • Broadcast date: 2015-Jul-01
  • Air time: Wednesday 21:00


Senior detective Miyashita Fumiya prides himself on avoiding trouble. After attending a retirement party for his boss, it is discovered that a woman was strangled in the complex during the time of the party. While investigating the murder and a nearby hit-and-run that occurred around the same time, Miyashita seems to be making progress on both cases before suddenly being told to stand down. Unhappy at the orders and suspicious that there is a greater connection being the two cases, will Miyashita head straight into definite trouble that may shake the entire police organization?

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Production Credits

  • Original work (novel): Hoshin by Kosugi Kenji
  • Screenwriter: Fukasawa Masaki

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