Hot Blooded Youth

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Hot Blooded Youth


  • Title: 热血少年 / Re Xie Shao Nian
  • English title: Hot Blooded Youth
  • Also known as: 租界少年热血档案 / Zu Jie Shao Nian Re Xie Dang An / The Files of Teenagers in the Concession
  • Genre: Period, action
  • Episodes: 58
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Oct-22


A legendary story about a young man who overcomes many hardships to become a formidable force in the Shanghai bund.


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"Street King of the shanty towns", leader of the Xianzha Road Gang. Took over after his father became more interested in gambling. Dotes on his sister, even though he says he finds her annoying, he's always taken care of her. Finds He Hongyi too righteous for her own good, but decides to make use of her talents and respects her intelligence and prowess.
Bright Mirror Association's front runner student. Uncompromising and zealous fighter of the good, but sometimes not looking out for herself or the cause. Clashes with Wu Qian at first but learns to appreciate him.

Shanty Towns

  • Sun Meng Quan as Granny Wei, Wei Chengfeng's grandmother. Likes to sneak up on people.
  • Zhang Fan as Wu Fa Tian, Wu Qian's father. Womanizer and con artist, but less successful then his son. Always borrows money from his two kids.
  • Liu Yu Ning as Wei Chengfeng (voiced by Su Shang Qing)
Wants to be come a policeman, upright and honest but also naive and far too trusting. Helps out with the schemes as long as it doesn't put him in an ethical dilemma.
  • Hong Xuan as Qiao Na (voiced by Zhang Yu Tong), boss of the Copper gang in a neighbouring territory. Specializes in extortion and "protection" fees.
  • An Wei as Dachui's mother (voiced by Ma Cheng), owns a medicine shop and is a chiropractor.

Xinzha Road Gang

A group of friends making their living by thievery and running cons in the shanty towns of Shanghai.

Wu Qian's sister, looks up to her brother but is also very impulsive and easily triggered. Practices her fighting skills by picking fights with everyone and anyone.

New Light Theatre / Bright Mirror Association

  • Wang Jin Song as Sang Jieqiao, teacher and proprietor of the theatre. Leader of the Bright Mirror Association that aims to show right from wrong amidst corruption and misdirection.
  • Wang Kang as Bo Wen (voiced by Shi Ze Kun), Sang Jieqiao's aide and student
  • Zhang Tan as Yu Chen (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu), He Hongyi's close friend.

Shanghai Concessions

Owner of the theatre and Chinese real-estate developer during the day, Shanghai Warlord during the night. Does deals with the westerners in Shanghai's concessions, but also backs the Bright Mirror Association. Lover of Chinese opera. Uses Mr. Ji as an alias to hide his true identity.
  • Han Ye as Lv Sidi / Mrs. Ji (voiced by Yang Jing), Qian Baitie's wife.
  • Zheng Xu Dong as Lu Heng (voiced by Liu Si Cen), Qian's trusted aide
  • Wang Wei An as Butler Zhao, Qian's butler
  • Sun Zhen Chen as He Qingzhou (voiced by Qian Wen Qing), opera singer playing mostly female roles. Impresses Qian Baitie on his first performance in Shanghai.
  • Xu Yu Han as Xiao Lihua, part of the He Qingzhou's Opera troupe, who mainly does the promotions
  • Ning Xiao Hua as Mo Xinlong, crime lord from Sichuan, that Sang Jieqiao wants to bring in to increase the power of the association in the concessions.
  • Gao Yuan as Fang Lan (voiced by Liu Zi Ling), Mo Xinlong's wife
  • Zhang Yong as Zhou Li, Mo Xinlong's assistent
  • Ma Ke Su (马克苏) as Mr. Mars (voiced by Wang Qiu Ming), English business man and one of the organizers of The Talented. Makes his money exploiting Chinese resources and people.
  • Lu Peng as He Zhihong (voiced by Zhao Ming Zhou), Chinese general who moved into business and illegal trades. Is hot tempered and only interested in power.
  • Zhou Qi as Liu Tangcai, a Comprador with contacts in Shanghai's wharf
  • Ding Hao Yuan as Da Xie (voiced by Lu Li Feng)

The Talented

A competition that aims to find talented people in Shanghai, but is really a money making scheme that additionally causes infighting amongst the Chinese population in the concessions.

  • Karl Robert Eislen as Li Fuzhong , French business man, has his eyes set on the Shanty Towns, so he can evict the people and build a racing track and theatre.
  • Li Bao Er as Boss Huang (voiced by Li Lu), owner of the Casino that hosts the competition
  • Jing Long as Cui Yang, martial artist from Manzhouli, on Wu Qian's team in the 2nd round
  • A Nuo as Wang Hongmao, acquaintance of and on Wu Qian's team in the 2nd round
  • Zhou Xiao Fei as Ju Zuo (voiced by Li Xiao Meng), "Director", a lone wolf fixer hired by Li Fuzhong. She kills her competition and team mates if it's advantageous.

Law Enforcement

  • Fu Jun as Yu Deyi, chief police of the unit Chengfeng is part of. Likes tea.
  • Wang Xu Dong as Li Lu (voiced by Ling Zhen He), takes credit for Chengfeng's accomplishments and sucks up to the chief to get ahead.

Hongkou Nr. 1 prison


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