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For the Korean television series, see Hotel (MBC).


  • Title: HOTEL (no kana used)
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Occupation-based drama
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Number of seasons: 5, plus 11 specials


Season 1

The hotel of this drama serves as a unique window into the complexity of human passions, with just the right touch of lighthearted fun. Intense emotional conflicts sometimes reveal wellsprings of tenderness, where people who could barely speak to each other suddenly reach a level of mutual understanding. --TBS

Season 4

There's something about Ippei and his gang that keeps us coming back for more -- perhaps the impressive ensemble of character actors and actresses, or the incredible incidents that keep us on the edge of our seats each week. In any case, "Hotel" is back with a vengeance, with more outrageous stories than ever! --KIKU-TV

Season 5

Ippei is back in this new chapter of the "Hotel" series, in which he and his colleague, Akira, are transferred to a hotel in Hawaii. The theft of his luggage and a subsequent cold reception from his new supervisor serve as a rude welcome. Getting used to the local customs and the management style of his caustic supervisor will take some time, but a little help from a unique bunch of locals may do the trick. --TBS

2001 Spring Special

Sakashita, a manager at the Tokyo Dome Platon Hotel, has been acting strangely. It turns out that Sakashita, who had taken on his brother's debts, was being hounded by yakuza. General Manager Mochida opens up a Pandora's box when he calls on an old friend for help. --KIKU-TV

Season Information

  • Season 1: 1990-Jan to 1990-Mar (11 eps)
  • Season 2: 1992-Jan to 1992-Mar (12 eps)
  • Season 3: 1994-Apr to 1994-Sep (24 eps)
  • Season 4: 1995-Apr to 1995-Sep (25 eps)
  • Season 5: 1998-Apr to 1998-Jun (11 eps)


  • 1990 Autumn Special
  • 1991 Spring Special
  • 1991 Autumn Special
  • 1992 Spring Special
  • 1992 Autumn Special
  • 1993 Spring Special
  • 1993 Autumn Special
  • 1994 Autumn Special
  • 2000 Spring Special
  • 2001 Spring Special
  • 2002 Autumn Special

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Main Characters
Hawaii Compilation (Season 5)

Theme Songs

  • Let the River Run, by Shiratori Emiko (白鳥英美子) (S1, 1st half of S2)
(Originally recorded by Carly Simon)
  • Friends, by Shimada Kaho (島田歌穂) (2nd half of S2)
  • Kimi ni Dekiru Koto, by Shimada Kaho (S3)
  • Yakusoku, by Shimada Kaho (S4)
  • Miju, by Couples (カップルズ) (S5)

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Autumn 1989 Season 1 Spring 1990
Aishikata ga Wakaranai Monday 21:00 Hot Dog

Autumn 1991 Season 2 Spring 1993
Jinan Jijo Hitorikko Monogatari Monday 21:00 Shacho ni Natta Wakataisho

Spring 1993 Season 3 Autumn 1994
Wataru Seken wa oni Bakari 2 Thursday 21:00 Onna no Iibun

Winter 1995 Season 4 Autumn 1995
Okami Sandai Onna no Tatakai Monday 21:00 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi sensei 4

Autumn 1997 Season 5 Summer 1998
Bancha mo Debana Monday 21:00 Hitoribocchi no Kimi ni