Hua Fan Ye Mao

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Hua Fan Ye Mao


  • Title: 花繁叶茂 / Hua Fan Ye Mao
  • English title: Flowers and Leaves
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: CCTV
  • Broadcast period: 2020-May-11


In 2012, most of the 21 natural villages under the jurisdiction of Fengxiang Town in the hinterland of the Dalou Mountains were still in poverty, three of which were the most typical: Huamao Village, Zhifang Village, and large local Village. In order to get the villagers out of poverty and become rich, and in response to President Xi ’s call to “Let the people of the whole country live a well-off life in 2020”, the county party committee decided to make Shi Xiaofeng the secretary of the party committee of Fengxiang Town. Develop rural tourism and red tourism industries to drive other related industries in the village. The Zhifang Village has the Mawang River with excellent water quality and long and narrow caves, which can develop the traditional paper industry. Large local villages can develop long-term eco-tourism agriculture projects.

In just three years, Shi Xiaofeng led this group of people, tasted the ups and downs, but the determination to get rid of poverty and become well-off has never changed. With their efforts, Huamao Village became a well-known wealthy village. Fangcun and large local villages have also come out of poverty, and are working hard towards the goal of a well-off.


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