Ice Fantasy OST

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Ice Fantasy OST
  • Title: 幻城 电视剧原声大碟 / Ice Fantasy OST
  • Artist: various
  • Language: Chinese
  • Release Date: 2016-Aug-26
  • Number of Tracks: 13
  • Composer:
  • Publisher: JVR Music
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist Notes
1. Should Not (不该) Jay Chou and A-Mei Opening theme song
2. Bottom of the heart (心底) Yuan Yong Lin Ending theme song
3. Daydream (梦话) A-Lin
4. Love Will Be Restored (爱会还原)" Ye Huaipei Ka Suo's theme song
5. Falling Pears (梨落) Cindy Yen Li Luo's theme song
6. Falling Pears (梨落) Song Qian
7. Love Like Cherry Blossoms (爱如樱) Huang Yuxun Ying Kongshi's theme song
8. Love Like Cherry Blossoms (爱如樱) Ma Tian Yu
9. I Won't Let Go (我不放手) Yu Ziqin Yan Da's theme song
10. I Won't Let Go (我不放手) Zhang Meng
11. Fish on the Other Shore (彼岸鱼) Xian Peijin Lan Shang's theme song
12. Death of the Premature Lotus (莲殇) Kelly Yu Lian Ji's theme song
13. No Regrets (无悔) Celeste Syn