Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de

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Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de


  • Title: いつか陽のあたる場所で
  • Title (romaji): Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de
  • Title (English): Someday, some place where the sun shines
  • Genre: Family
  • Broadcast network: NHK

Season 1

  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership rating: 9.5%
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-08 to 2013-Mar-03
  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00
  • Theme song: Early Springtime by Matsutoya Yumi


The drama is based on the best-selling serial novels by Nonami Asa, about the lives of two ex-convicts after their release from jail. Komoriya Hako took the rap for her first love, and was sent to jail for seven years. Eguchi Ayaka was serving time for killing her abusive husband. The two met in jail and became fast friends. Ayaka drew strength from Hako's innocence, and regained her will to live. She was released earlier than Hako, as she only had to serve five years, and went on to work at a bakery in Yanaka, Tokyo.

Hako's family had disowned her, and wishes nothing to do with her. She moves into her dead grandmother's little place in Yanaka. With each other's support, both Ayaka and Hako start to rebuild their lives.

One day, Hako's brother comes to visit and says to her, "I am getting married, and I wish to have your name removed from the family register"... --NHK

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Production Credits

  • Original writing: Novel Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de (いつか陽のあたる場所で) & Sure Chigau Senaka wo (すれ違う背中を) by Nonami Asa (乃南アサ)
  • Screenwriter: Takahashi Maki
  • Producer:
  • Director: Shibuya Miki (渋谷未来)
  • Music: Sawano Hiroyuki

Episode Information

Episode Sub title Ratings
01 Two ex-convicts 7.4
02 I want to be strong 9.6
03 The person I miss the most 9.1
04 A message from the hometown 9.3
05 The gift of words to the younger brother 9.4
06 The qualifications for happiness 10.1
07 A visitor from the dark past 10.1
08 Until we meet again 10.7
09 An unfit mother 10.0
10 The outcome of a promise 9.4
Average 9.5

Source: Video Research, Ltd.


Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de Special
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Episodes: 1
  • Viewership rating: 7.5%
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-01
  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00
  • Theme song: Early Springtime by Matsutoya Yumi


Hako is reunited with Keita, who has returned for s short trip from America. Keita is currently undergoing training in America to pursue his dream of being a street performer. Prior to leaving, Keita had thought of shelving his plans to leave for America, in order to support and help Hako get back on her feet. However, Hako would have none of that, as she didn't want to stand in the way of Keita's dreams. And thus, at that time, Hako decided to cool off their relationship, in order to let Keita pursue his dreams. Upon his return, Keita invites Hako to his hometown, where his family welcomed her with opened arms. Feeling the warmth of Keita's family, Hako is torn over whether to tell them about her past.

Meanwhile, Ayaka had received a postcard from the little boy that she had given some bread to. Bread that she had made herself. The little boy is actually Ayaka's son, Tomoki, who is now living at an orphanage though he doesn't recognise Ayaka as his mother. She is now pondering over a suitable reply, when Tomoki suddenly appeared before her. He looks troubled and Ayaka finds it heart-wrenching to not be able to confess her identity...


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