Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou

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Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou


  • Title: 人生がときめく片づけの魔法
  • Title (romaji): Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Inspirational
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-27
  • Air time: Friday 21:00


Norita Makiko, nicknamed Norimaki-san, is an enigmatic cleanup professional with idiosyncracies. The representative of Jinsei ga Tokimeku Kataduke, she would even straighten out the troubles of her clients along with their rooms by cleaning up. Tsukuba Tsutomu is the company's only employee and in charge of corporate enterprise. He understands Makiko and supports her, and even knows about her past. Makiko's first client is Futagotamagawa Kaoru, an office lady at a mail-order call centre who cannot be tidy. Men have left Kaoru on many occasions in the past after seeing her extremely dirty room. Kaoru goes on a long-awaited first date with Oda Masato, whom she carries a torch for, she promises to invite to her apartment. The date is lively and there is a cosy atmosphere between the two of them. However, Kaoru gets completely drunk and Masato sends her home. When they arrive at her apartment and he tries to open the front door, she instantly sobers up and sends him off at the entrance. She impulsively promised to invite him over one week later. And so she decides to do whatever it takes to clear up before he comes. However, the more she does so, the messier her room gets. A desperate Kaoru sees the leaflet of Jinsei ga Tokimeku Kataduke, a company that specialises in cleaning up and thinks of hiring a professional to handle it. But the person who arrives is dressed all in white, and does not look like a cleaner. Makiko is obviously a mysterious woman. She barges into Kaoru's apartment without asking and finds fault with the appearance of the place. Furthermore, she does not help to clean up, and has instead come to teach Kaoru the method to do so. Kaoru angrily objects, but Makiko's assertion that cleaning up can change her life, makes her decide to take a gamble but... One day, an eccentric old woman called Fujishima Harue visits Jinsei ga Tokimeku Kataduke. However, she wants hire Makiko to search for a lost brooch and not to clean up. So Makiko heads over to Harue's home. But what she finds is a house full of items from hoarding. Even so, Makiko accepts the job. Something in her past has made her comprehend this... --jdramas.wordpress

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