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First Steps in the Entertainment Industry[edit]

Upon entering college, his father came up with a new stage name for him, Joo Won, as a way to distance himself and create his own path within the entertainment industry, Because he loved to sing and felt very confident in that moment of his singing ability he had the opportunity to be part of the hit program Frees, although Joo Won would end up leaving the program shortly thereafter. From then on he would continue doing all kinds of auditions, and it was in an audition in which he managed to get a role in the musical Altar Boyz, a musical that had obtained much recognition and success in the United States, and that at the time planned to be mounted in South Korea, for Joo Won, the moment had come and had to give him his all. The staging was successful in South Korea and Joo Won got the highest praise from the critics for his performance and singing.

After that role in the Altar Boyz stage musical and having impressed the general public and the critics, Joo Won continued to appear in other stage musicals, obtaining success and recognition in each and every one of them. One, in particular, managed to have him signed with one of the most notorious agencies in South Korea's entertainment industry, Sim Entertainment.

2010-2013: Gaining Recognition and Appearances in the big and Small Screen[edit]

He made his first foray in the small screen when he appeared as the villain to the titular character in 2010's KBS2 romance melodrama King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, the drama scored high in viewership ratings achieving during his airing a nationwide viewership record of 50%, cementing the drama as a "National Drama" status. Joo Won's acting was lauded by critics and audiences alike, his intense and subdued performance was one of the most lauded aspects of the hit drama and he was shot into stardom overnight.

A year later, in 2011, he starred alongside co-star Uee in KBS2 family drama Ojakgyo Brothers, his acting was acclaimed by critics and audiences and he later was awarded a few acting accolades as well for his performance in Ojakgyo Brothers. He also during that same year made his big screen debut in S.I.U (Special Investigations Unit), a crime action film that was a smashing hit at the box office.

He started to gain more attention as a leading man nationwide after appearing in KBS2 period drama Bridal Mask, a drama based on hugely popular manwha, Joo Won portrayed a pro-Japanese Korean police officer with an inner turmoil, his acting was lauded once more by audiences and critics, and he was also complimented by the range demonstrated by his acting over the course of the period drama. He won several acting accolades for his multilayered performance.

He later starred in that same year with fellow actress Park Bo Young in the bhorror thriller Don't Click, the film was a success, and he later starred in a couple of variety shows in a guest role capacity. In 2013, he returned to the small screen in MBC's 7th Grade Civil Servant in a lead role alongside co-star Choi Kang Hee, the action comedy drama series was based on the action romance movie My Girlfriend is an Agent, a highly successful 2009 film that broke nationwide box office records.

After finishing 7th Grade Civil Servant Joo Won was given the opportunity to take the lead role in KBS2 medical drama Good Doctor, it was at the time his most challenging role yet, he portrayed Park Shi On, a genius pediatric surgeon who happens to be an autistic savant, the drama was extremely successful and it even has its own remake in the United States, Joo Won's acting was critically lauded and he won several acting accolades for his touching and sincere performance.

2013-2014: Musical Theater and Film Comebacks[edit]

Joo Won spent the past 4 years entirely absent from the musical theater scene and returned in style by taking the lead role in the South Korean iteration of Ghost the musical, it was based on the romantic supernatural drama film of 1990 starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Joo Won's acting was critically praised and audiences flock to the teather to see him perform. In 2013 he also appeared in the romantic comedy film [[Wikipedia:Steal My Heart|Catch Me] and a year later in the comedy film Fashion King.

In 2014, he also starred in the lead role in KBS2 romantic comedy Nae Il's Cantabile, it was based on the Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile, the drama was a failure upon release, although Joo Won's acting was critically lauded.

2015-: Continued Success[edit]

Joo Won starred alongside co-star Kim Tae Hee in SBS's action romance Yong Pal, the drama received huge ratings, and Joo Won's acting was critically lauded, he then starred in the action thriller film Fatal Intuition alongside co-star Yoo Hae Jin, the film was based on a real-life incident, the film received good reviews from film critics and it was a box office success.

He also starred a year later, in 2016, in the Korean-Chinese film Sweet Sixteen, the romantic drama film was a huge success and Joo Won was critically lauded for his performance. He also starred a year later in SBS's My Sassy Girl, a television remake in a historical drama fashion of the 2001 South Korean film of the same name that was a critical and audiences success. The drama itself also repeated the original film's audiences and critical success.

Currently, Joo Won is on his mandatory military service, it started on May 16, 2017, he has be confirmed to be part of a chinese drama titled Love Express.