Judicial Instructor Yoshiko Hodaka

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Sihou Kyoukan Hodaka Yoshiko


  • Title: 司法教官・穂高美子
  • Title (romaji): Shihou Kyoukan Hodaka Yoshiko
  • Title (English): Judicial Instructor Yoshiko Hodaka
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Episodes: 6 (Doyo Wide Gekijo (1-4), 土曜プライム・土曜ワイド劇場 (5), 日曜ワイド (6))
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi


Yoshiko Hodaka is a prosecutor and an instructor at the Legal Training and Research Institute. The Institute is a place for apprentices who passed the bar exam to learn to become a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer regardless of their age or background. The apprentices not only take classes here but also go to court, the local prosecutor's office, and law offices to learn legal work through actual case investigations.

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Episode Information

Episode Air date Title
EP 01 2011-09-03 Lawyer-minded killer! A person who froze to death escaped with full sprint !?
EP 02 2012-09-01 Legal trick that is not guilty even if it steals 90 million yen !?

A true criminal who transforms by eating a mysterious orange of a cash transport car that runs without permission

EP 03 2014-05-31 The time of death is changing !?
EP 04 2015-10-31 Kiss of Oath to Call Death !? Popular Talent Wedding ... The

Flying Bride's Continuous Murder Trick The Devil's Mystery That Bottled in the Ginza Retreat Bar

EP 05 2016-10-29 Law class to reveal murder tricks! The chief judge poisoned during the opening of the court !
EP 06 2017-10-01 Face behind a beautiful lawyer Law trick that protects others and is innocent !?


Some episodes have aired English subtitled in Hawaii as part of KIKU's Mystery Theatre.

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