Judicial Instructor Yoshiko Hodaka

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Sihou Kyoukan Hodaka Yoshiko


  • Title: 司法教官・穂高美子
  • Title (romaji): Sihou Kyoukan Hodaka Yoshiko
  • Title (English): Judicial Instructor Yoshiko Hodaka
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Episodes: 6 (Doyo Wide Gekijo (1-4), 土曜プライム・土曜ワイド劇場 (5), 日曜ワイド (6))
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi


Yoshiko Hodaka is a prosecutor and an instructor at the Legal Training and Research Institute. The Institute is a place for apprentices who passed the bar exam to learn to become a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer regardless of their age or background. The apprentices not only take classes here but also go to court, the local prosecutor's office, and law offices to learn legal work through actual case investigations.

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1 - 弁護士志望の殺人犯!凍死した人が全力疾走で逃げた!? 試験に出る殺人トリック[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2011

3 - 死亡時刻が二転三転!? 遺産30億強奪トリックを空飛ぶバウムクーヘンが解く!![edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2014

4 - 死を呼ぶ誓いのキス!? 人気タレント結婚式…空飛ぶ花嫁の連続殺人トリック 銀座の隠れ家バーにボトルキープした悪魔の謎[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2015

5 - 殺人トリックを暴く法律教室!開廷中に裁判長が毒殺!! 容疑者だらけの法廷をヒソヒソ話で操る真犯人[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2016

6 - 美人弁護士の裏の顔 他人をかばって無罪になる法律トリック!?[edit]

  • Broadcast date: 2017


Some episodes have aired English subtitled in Hawaii as part of KIKU's Mystery Theatre.

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