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For Korean drama with the same title, see Pure Heart.
Junjo Kirari


  • Title: 純情きらり (じゅんじょうきらり)
  • Title (romaji): Junjo Kirari
  • Also known as: Pure Heart
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Episodes: 156 (15 mins. each)
  • Viewership ratings: 1st=17.7 high=24.2 avg=19.4
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-03 to 2006-Sep-30
  • Air time: Monday thru Saturday at 8:15am


The 74th NHK Asadora Drama is Junjo Kirari, which means something along the lines of "pure-hearted Kirari." The story is set in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture in the era around the Second World War. When the story opens in 1928, the heroine, Sakurako, is a very active seven-year-old girl. Indeed, even in the first episode she exhibits her confidence and enthusiasm. But above all else, Sakurako is interested in becoming a jazz pianist, and music features extensively in the plot.

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Arimori Family

Yamacho Hatcho Production Plant

Music School


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  • Rating information is provided by Video Research Ltd. of Japan. Episode numbering is provided by groink. Viewership ratings in bold indicate 1st place in the drama ratings for the week, regardless of the time period.
Week Episode Date Subtitle (English) Rating
1 005 2006-Apr-7 F Dad's Marriage Meeting 19.6
2 011 2006-Apr-14 F The Piano Arrived 19.7
3 014 2006-Apr-18 T Prelude to Love 18.5
4 024 2006-Apr-29 S A Sudden Marriage Proposal 19.9
5 026 2006-May-02 T Fateful Parting of the Ways 19.6
6 035 2006-May-12 F Sakura Blossoms? 20.1
7 041 2006-May-19 F Don't Be Afraid of Being Poor 19.4
8 043 2006-May-22 M First Four-Hand Performance 18.8
9 049 2006-May-29 M Tonight, I Will Dance With You 20.5
10 059 2006-Jun-09 F Farewell, Summer 19.5
11 064 2006-Jun-15 Th Cupid's Desire 20.2
12 072 2006-Jun-24 S A Test of Family Bonds 19.6
13 078 2006-Jul-1 S Now is All I Have 23.0
14 083 2006-Jul-07 F The Trials of a Young Mistress 21.1
14 084 2006-Jul-08 S The Trials of a Young Mistress 21.2
15 089 2006-Jul-14 F Farewell Concerto 20.5
16 095 2006-Jul-21 F Aunt Iso's Secret 22.3
17 100 2006-Jul-27 Th I Won't Give Up Hope 19.8
18 105 2006-Aug-02 W I'll Play the Piano Again Someday 19.8
19 109 2006-Aug-07 M Chopin for My Mother 21.8
20 120 2006-Aug-19 S Tired of Waiting for Spring to Come 22.6
21 126 2006-Aug-26 S The Joy of Living 20.6
22 130 2006-Aug-31 Th More Than Goodbye 21.0
23 137 2006-Sep-8 F An Unexpected Homecoming 21.7
24 144 2006-Sep-16 S As Long as You Are Here 22.9
25 145 2006-Sep-18 M I Dreamed of a Concert 24.2
26 155
2006-Sep-29 F
2006-Sep-30 S


Exchange of the baton ceremony between Murakawa Eri (Kaze no Haruka) and Miyazaki Aoi
  • Animation director, Ito Yuichi, produced the title sequence by repeated computer processing of composite images of musical notes and objects made of clay and paper.
  • Okazaki City is famous for the Okazaki Castle, where Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu was born. It is also the location where Hatcho miso is produced, which has a unique flavor.
  • At the ending of each episode M-F, 「音楽をこよなく愛する人びと」, or "a person who really loves music" living in Aichi is introduced. These people have come to love music, and have been encouraged to do so in their homes.
  • Junjo Kirari DVD Box 1 will be released by NHK 2007-Mar-7.

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