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Murakawa Eri as Mizuno Haruka
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  • Title (kanji): 風のハルカ
  • Title (romaji): Kaze no Haruka
  • Episodes: 151 (15 mins. each, 26 weeks)
  • Genre: Asadora drama, family drama
  • Viewership ratings: ep1=18.3, high=21.3, avg=17.5
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Oct-03 to 2006-Apr-01
  • Air time: Monday thru Saturday at 8:15am
  • Original sountrack (OST): Kaze no Haruka - TV Original Soundtrack
  • Theme Song: Kazahana by Moriyama Naotaro


The 73rd NHK Asadora Drama is Kaze no Haruka, written by Omori Mika. The story is on Mizuno Haruka from Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, which is known as a hot spring resort. At the age of nine, Haruka moves from Osaka to Yufuin with her father Yosuke and her younger sister Asuka because Yosuke hopes to open a restaurant in the town. Her mother Yuko, however, chooses to stay in Osaka and the parents soon get a divorce. Yosuke starts running a restaurant but ends up closing it down soon after. Ten years later, Haruka supports her family by working part time while going to a junior college. Worrying about Haruka, Yuko invites her to come to Osaka and offers her a job. Although she has not forgiven her mother, Haruka decides to earn money in Osaka to help Yosuke reopen the restaurant. Through various experiences in Osaka, Haruka gradually understands her mother and grows as a tour planner with her talent for pleasing people. The drama depicts Haruka's struggle to regain family ties and to realize her dream. --- written by groink

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73rd NHK Asadora - Kaze no Haruka
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Childhood Friends

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Weekly Ratings

When rating the NHK Asadora dramas, the researching firm samples one or two episodes per week. If there are two episodes sampled in a given week, the rating is the average of the two episodes. Rating information is provided by Video Research Ltd. of Japan. Episode numbering is provided by groink.
  • Week 1: "I've Come to a Soothing Town" (2005/10/6 M ep004) - 18.7
  • Week 2: "Goodbye, Mom" (2005/10/11 T ep008) - 17.9
  • Week 3: "The Family's New Start" (2005/10/19 W ep015) - 18.2
  • Week 4: "Let's Try to Get Along" (2005/10/27 Th ep022) - 18.1
  • Week 5: "Could It Be... Love?" (2005/10/31 M ep025) - 17.3
  • Week 6: "Dad Came" (2005/11/12 S ep036) - 17.0
  • Week 7: "One-sided Love Hurts" (2005/11/17 Th ep040) - 17.7
  • Week 8: "Let's Dance!" (2005/11/25 F ep047) - 17.4
  • Week 9: "Being With Mom When You're Sick" (2005/12/01 Th ep052) - 17.9
  • Week 10: "Haruka's Spring Vacation" (2005/12/05 M ep055) - 17.6
  • Week 11: "Spring Vacation Continues" (2005/12/12 M ep061) - 18.0
  • Week 12: "Love or Career?" (2005/12/22 Th ep070) - 18.8
  • Week 13: "If You Lose Your Way, Follow the Wind" (2005/12/27 T ep074) - 18.3
  • Week 14: "Shining Memories" (2005-Dec-27 T ep077) - 18.3
  • Week 15: "Goodbye, Restless Town" (2006-Jan-13 F ep084) - 17.6
  • Week 16: "Welcome to the Music Festival" (2006-Jan-20 F ep090) - 18.2
  • Week 17: "The Raging Storm of Love" (2006-Jan-23 M ep092) - 18.2
  • Week 18: "You're Pregnant?" (2006-Jan-31 T, Feb-01 W, Feb-02 Th ep099-101) - 18.1
  • Week 19: "Let's Get Married" (2006-Feb-11 S ep109) - 19.2
  • Week 20: "Run Toward the Future" (2006-Feb-16 M ep110) - 20.3
  • Week 21: "Wobbling Balancing Toy" (2006-Feb-22 W ep118) - 20.9
  • Week 22: "Let's Eat!" (2006-Mar-03 F ep126) - 20.2
  • Week 23: "We Christen Thee!" (2006-Mar-06 M thru Mar-09 Th ep128-131) - 19.1
  • Week 24: "Take It Very, Very Slowly" (2006-Mar-17 F ep138) - 20.9
  • Week 25: "Love" (2006-Mar-23 Th ep143) - 20.4
  • FINAL Week: "Wrapped in the Winds of Happiness" (2006-Mar-30 F ep150) - 21.3


  • Kaze no Haruka Special (「風のハルカ」スベシャル) aired on 10/10 from 8:35am to 9:30am JST, and again on 10/16 from 5:00pm to 5:54pm JST. The SP features an interview with heroine Murakawa Eri and highlights of future episodes. If you do get the opportunity to watch this SP, make sure you watch it AFTER watching episode 6, BUT before watching episode 7.
  • What are the food items displayed at the end of each episode? They are photos of different dishes representing the Kyushu cuisine. The town of Yufuin sits in the middle of Kyushu Island.
  • The icon for this asadora is a stuffed bunny critter named Kirimon-chan. Brand-new, it's pink. But when you submerge it in hot water (or a hot spring) for 30 seconds, it turns blue. Kurata-san uses Kirimon-chan as a symbol of Yufuin, and sells it at Kurata Inn.


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Yuko's Condominium1(Entrance) at NHK Osaka TV station studio
Yuko's Condominium2(Inside) at NHK Osaka TV station studio
Home of the Mizuno Family at NHK Osaka TV station studio
Location map at Tennoji Station
Exchange of the baton ceremony between Motokariya Yuika (FIGHT) and Murakawa Eri
Exchange of the baton ceremony between Murakawa Eri and Miyazaki Aoi (Junjo Kirari)

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