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K.O.3an Guo
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  • Title: 終極三國 (终极三国) / Chung Chi San Kuo (Zhong Ji San Guo)
  • English title: K.O.3an Guo
  • Genre: Fantasy / Wuxia / School / Comedy
  • Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
  • Air time: Friday 22:00 - 23:30 / Saturday 22:30 - 24:00
  • Related shows: See Zhong Ji Series
  • Theme songs: See K.O.3an Guo OST

Season 1

  • Broadcast period: 2009-Feb-27 to 2009-Jun-12
  • Episodes: 1-16
  • Opening theme song: Dui Shou by Champion (強辯) / Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛)
  • Ending theme song: Gou Ai by Pets Tseng (eps 1-13)
Lei Le by Pets Tseng (eps 14-16)


After getting kicked out from their 24th school for starting fights and couldn't find another school that would accept them, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei thought it's a God send that Liu Bei proposed to be their sworn brothers so they could enroll into the prestigious Dong Han Shu Yuan, a school exclusively for royalty, on the condition that they pay for his tuition. Though they enrolled, it didn't mean they attended the class in peace because they must survive the school's death traps and hostile invasion from warring schools.

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Correlation chart
Wu Hu Jiang
Special Appearance
  • Jiro Wang as Wang Da Dong 汪大東 (ep 1) / Sun Ce 孫策 (ep 14-15)
  • Calvin Chen as Wang Ya Se 王亞瑟 (ep 1)
  • Aaron Yan as Ding Xiao Yu 丁小雨 (ep 1)

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Season 2

  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-19 to 2009-Oct-02
  • Episodes: 17-32
  • Opening theme song: Dui Shou by Champion (強辯) / Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛)
  • Ending theme song: Lei Le by Pets Tseng


Wu Hu Jiang's bond gets tested when Guan Yu is forced to honor his agreement with Dong Zhuo. Huang Zhong reunites with his mother but were forced to separate because she is a member of the Huang Jin High School. Guan Yu and Lu Bu becomes demonized when they both learn Hao Cha Jing to neutralize the effects of Zhen Cha Jing. Lu Bu takes the path of evil and stands in opposition with Dong Zhuo and Wu Hu Jiang. Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao resolve their misunderstandings and finally reconcile. The love relationship between Xiu and Sun Shang Xiang gets tested when the real Liu Bei returns.


Correlation chart
Wu Hu Jiang
Special Appearance
  • Aaron Yan as Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu 灸亣镸荖‧舞 (Meng Zhu 盟主) (voice only, eps 23, 29)
  • Jiro Wang as Xia Lan Xing De Tian 夏蘭荇德‧天 (flashback, ep 24) / Sun Ce 孫策 (ep 26)

Production Credits

Season 3

  • Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-09 to 2010-Feb-26
  • Episodes: 33-53
  • Opening theme song: Dui Shou by Champion (強辯) / Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) / Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛) (eps 33-36)
War Ends All Wars (以戰止戰) by Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛) (eps 37-53)
The Universally Unbeatable Super Durable Boyfriend (宇宙無敵超韌性男朋友) by Wu Hu Jiang (eps 43-53)


Principal Wang is finally back to Dong Han Academy, only to get killed by Dong Zhuo later. Xiu/Liu Bei's identity is at greater risk than ever. The Silver Dimension's timeline gradually catches up to the Three Kingdoms' history. Dong Zhuo takes control over the imperial court and wreaks havoc everywhere, prompting everyone to war against him. With the assistance of Zuo Ci, Wu Hu Jiang finally defeat Dong Zhuo and reclaim the Nationwide School Union from his hands.

Although Dong Zhuo is gone, a new age begins, and new problems emerge. Yuan Shao takes the landmark of Dong Han Academy in his own hands, forcing the Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei and Cao Cao to find the one man who can save it: Zhuge Liang - the famous strategist. However, he turns out to be a regular person and eventually, Yuan Shao is able to claim Dong Han Academy's landmark into his own. With four members of Wu Hu Jiang gone and everyone forced to retreat to Jiang Dong, Cao Cao's power is weaker than ever. With old enemies gone and new characters come into the picture, a new battle will soon begin. --Zhongji Wikia


Correlation chart
Wu Hu Jiang
  • Chen De Xiu as Liu Bei 劉備 / Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu 呼延覺儸‧脩
  • Pets Tseng as Sun Shang Xiang 孫尚香
  • Nylon Chen as Cao Cao 曹操
  • Cai Yi Zhen as Xiao Qiao 小喬
  • Cai Han Cen as Da Qiao 大喬 / Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu 灸亣镸荖‧舞 (Meng Zhu 盟主) (ep 51)
  • Jerry Huang as Yuan Shao 袁紹
  • Xiu Jie Kai as Sun Quan 孫權
  • Alan Kuo as Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮
  • Huang Niu (Champion's 黃牛) as Zhou Yu 周瑜
  • Xiao Hou as Lu Meng 呂蒙
  • Cola (Champion's Cola) as Gan Ning 甘寧
  • Kirsten Ren as Diao Chan 貂蟬
  • Xie Kun Da as Lu Bu 呂布
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Dong Zhuo 董卓 (eps 33-37) / Xia Lan Xing De Liu (Grandpa) 夏蘭荇德‧流 (阿公) (eps 33-34, 50, 52)
  • Lin Zhi Xian as Li Ru 李儒 (eps 33-37)
  • Ye Yong Tang (葉泳糖) as Mei Niang 魅娘 (eps 33-37)
  • Xiao Hua (Champion's 小花) as Taishi Ci 太史慈 (ep 33)
  • Bu Xue Liang as Wang Yun 王允 (eps 33-34, 36-37)
  • Zeng Zi Yu as Hua Tuo 華陀 (ep 33)
  • Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Tian Feng 田豐 (eps 34-36, 38-39, 43)
  • Apple Lin as Gan Zhao Lie 甘昭烈 (eps 35, 41-42, 50-51)
  • Hu Huan Wei (胡桓瑋) as Zou Jing 鄒靖 (ep 35)
  • Deng Hua Dun (鄧樺敦) as Dong Cheng Wei-Deng 東城衛-鐙 (eps 35, 39, 53)
  • Li Ming Han (李明翰) as Dong Cheng Wei-Ming 東城衛-冥 (eps 35, 39, 53)
  • Michael Chen (陳志介) as Dong Cheng Wei-Jie 東城衛-戒 (eps 35, 39, 53)
  • Ba Ge as Zuo Ci 左慈 (eps 36-37)
  • Xue Zhi Zheng (薛志正) as Zhao Zhong 趙忠 (ep 36)
  • Xiang Bo Tao as Liu Bian 劉辯 (ep 36)
  • Na Wei Xun as Sun Jian 孫堅 (eps 39-53) / Ye He Na La Si Ren 葉赫那啦‧思仁 (ep 50)
  • Wu Ying Jie as Huang Yue Ying 黃月英 (eps 44-45)
  • Gao Ming Wei (高明偉) as Cheng Pu 程普 (ep 45)
  • Liu Er Jin (劉爾金) as Ye He Na La Xiong Feng 葉赫那啦‧雄封 (eps 48-50, 53)
Special Appearance
  • Jiro Wang as Sun Ce 孫策 (eps 47-48) / Wang Da Dong 汪大東 (ep 52, flashback) / Xia Lan Xing De Tian 夏蘭荇德‧天 (ep 53, voice only)
  • Aaron Yan as Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu 灸亣镸荖‧舞 (Meng Zhu 盟主) (voice only, ep 51) / Ding Xiao Yu 丁小雨 (ep 52, flashback)
  • Calvin Chen as Wang Ya Se 王亞瑟 (ep 52, flashback)

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