Kamen Rider

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  • Title: 仮面ライダー
  • Title (romaji): Kamen Rider
  • Genre: Tokusatsu
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 98
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 1971-Apr-03 to 1973-Feb-10
  • Air time: Saturday 19:30


Hongo Takeshi was once just a college student, whose hobby was motocross racing. However, the terrorist group, Shocker (pronounced "shoakah" when you speak with Rider gurus) kidnaps him and turns him into a cyborg warrior, and use him to spread evil. But just before the surgeons could complete the brain surgery that would make him a bad guy permanently, an explosion caused by his college teacher, Professor Midorikawa, who worked for Shocker. This allowed for the both of them to escape. Shocker then sends one of its cyborg mutants to re-capture Takeshi and bring him back to the headquarters. But in the process, Takeshi discovers his new ability to henshin from his human form to a bug-like cyborg warrior with super powers, and is then named Kamen Rider (masked rider). Takeshi then vows to fight Shocker and keep humanity free. --groink

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