Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni

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Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni


  • Title: 結婚式の前日に
  • Title (romaji): Kekkonshiki no Zenjitsu ni
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership ratings: 5.57%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-13 to 2015-Dec-15
  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00
  • Theme song: Ashitairo by Yasuda Rei


Serizawa Hitomi works in the apartments development team of a prestigious real estate company, and is holding her own in a department that is predominantly male. She was raised singlehandedly by her father, Kensuke, after her mother, Kashiwada Kanako abandoned them 28 years ago. Currently engaged to be married to Dr. Sonoda Yuichi, she is looking forward to her wedding and her new life ahead.

100 days prior to her wedding, Hitomi is told that she has a tumor in her brain, and her chances of survival is indeterminate. Upon hearing the news, Yuichi is hesitant about going forward with the wedding, especially since his mother, Kyoko, objects to the wedding in the first place due to the two families difference in status. At the same time, Hitomi's mother, Kanako, suddenly appears in her life again. Kanako had heard of Hitomi's impending nuptials and decides to return to Japan as she is fully confident that her daughter will welcome her to her wedding. Kanako is a free-spirited unconventional woman, and she thinks nothing of bullying her daughter to fight for her life and her man... by TBS

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