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  • Title: 킹덤 / Kingdeom
  • Genre: Historical, horror, fantasy, thriller, medical
  • Format: Web drama
  • Episodes: 6
  • Broadcast network: Netflix
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jan-25
  • Air time: TBA
  • Original soundtrack: Kingdom OST


The Crown Prince of Joseon investigates a mysterious epidemic disease and uncovers a cruel truth which threatens the country.


Production Credits[edit]


  • This is a pre-produced drama where filming began in October 2017.
  • This is Netflix's second original Korean drama.
  • This drama is based on the manhwa Country of God (신의 나라).
  • Actor Song Joong Ki was first offered the lead role but declined; the role was then taken by Joo Ji Hoon.
  • The drama series is planned for three seasons.
  • Season 1 was originally planned for 8 episodes but ended up going over budget, thus reducing the episode count to 6 in the end. Each episode costed more than $1.78 million.

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