Legend of Lu Zhen

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Legend of Lu Zhen


  • Title: 陆贞传奇 / Lu Zhen Chuan Qi
  • English title: Legend of Lu Zhen
  • Also known as: 女相 (Nv Xiang) / Female Prime Minister
  • Genre: Historical, romance
  • Episodes: 59
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-May-05 to 2013-May-29
  • Air time: 19:30
  • Average ratings: 1.944%
  • Opening theme song: Cherish (珍惜) by Li Yu Chun
  • Ending theme song: Mood (心情) by Zhao Li Ying & Chen Xiao


To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. She was quickly promoted through the ranks for her pottery-making skill. During this time, she captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d'etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his wife, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.

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Main Cast
Daughter of a businessman, who rises up the ranks from a lowly palace maid to the Prime Minister of a country. Intelligent, resourceful and kind-hearted.
Prince Chang Guang, Emperor Cheng Wu. Ambitious, intelligent and domineering.
Prince Chang Shan, Emperor Xiao Zhao. He suffered from weak health since young. A kind-hearted and gracious ruler who values brotherhood. He has a crush on Xiao Huan Yun since young.
[Princess Yong Shi of Liang Kingdom. Imperial Noble Consort Deqing (Gao Yan's wife) → Empress Deqing]
Gao Zhan's first love, who left him to marry Gao Yan due to her kingdom's woes. Intelligent and scheming, she tries all ways to go against the Lou family's schemes in order to help Gao Zhan.
[Trainee maid at Yong Qin Court → Trainee→ Second Class Attendant→First Class Attendant→Eighth Grade Official of Clothes Department → Sixth Grade Baolin → Maid at Manual Department → Madame Anyang of Wei Kingdom]
Daughter of Shen Fuzhi. She was groomed since young to enter the palace and earn glory for the family. Evil and petty, she hates Lu Zhen sight and always picks on her. She likes Gao Zhan.
Imperial family
Gao Yan's mother. A scheming and cruel woman who dedicates her whole life to maintaining her power and authority.
  • Lily Tien as Zhou Ji Yun (voiced by Hao You Yue) [Grand Empress Consort Kang Shou], Gao Zhan, Gao Yan and Gao Xiang's grandmother. Likes Lu Zhen and raised her ranks to first class attendant
  • Zhang Ming Jian as Gao Huan (voiced by Shang Hong) [Emperor Shen Wu], Gao Zhan, Gao Yan and Gao Xiang's father
  • Bai Shan as Yu Jiu Lu (voiced by Liu Qian Han) [Empress Long Ci, Princess Ruru of Rouran Kingdom], Gao Yan and Gao Xiang's mother
  • Li Yi Xiao as Gao Xiang (voiced by Yan Meng Meng) [Elder Princess Zhun Yang], Gao Zhan's elder sister
  • Gao Yun Xiang as Xu Xian Xiu (voiced by Wu Ling Yun) [Prince Consort], Gao Xiang's husband. Minister of War
  • Lan Tian as Gao Wei, son of Gao Yan and Xiao Huan Yun
  • Li Xin Yi as Zheng Ling Jian [Beauty Zheng], Gao Huan's concubine
  • Zhang Jing as Imperial Concubine Zhao (voiced by Tang Xiao Xi), Gao Yan's concubine
People in Palace
[Fifth Grade Attendant of Internal Department Affairs]. Niece and advisor of Lou Zhao Jun.
[Attendant→Second Class Attendant→First Class Attendant of Jing Qing Palace → First Class Attendant→Eighth Grade Official→Seventh Grade Official of Clothes Department → Sixth Grade Official of Cuisine Department (post-humor)]
A kind-hearted and bright girl who only loves to eat. Lu Zhen's close friend and confidant. Yuan Lu's close friend.
  • Jiang Hong as Wang Xuan (voiced by Qiu Qiu), [Fifth Grade Attendant of Internal Department Affairs], Xiao Huan Yun's attendant
  • Jin Qiao Qiao as Du Heng (voiced by Li Jin Yan) [Sixth Grade Ceremonial Officer → Fifth Grade Attendant of Internal Department Affairs], Daughter of Duke Du. Lu Zhen's teacher
  • Liu Yi Zhen as Yang Wan Qiu (voiced by Lin Lan) [First Class Attendant of Yong Qin Court → Eight Grade Attendant of Imperial Cuisine Department], Lu Zhen's mentor
  • Gong Rong Er as Song Le Rong (voiced by He Xin) [First Class Attendant of Yong Qin Court]
  • Liu Jia Yuan as Hu Ling Long (voiced by Chen Qian) [First Class Attendant of Jewelry Department → First Class Attendant of Clothes Department], Lu Zhen's close helper and Hu Lin Niang's sister
  • Yu Xin Tian as Hu Lin Niang (voiced by Zhang Lu) [First Class Attendant→ Eighth Grade Official of Jewelry Department], Hu Ling Long's sister
  • Guo Xuan as Zhuang Liu Li (voiced by Chen Qian) [Trainee maid at Yong Qin Court → Maid→Eight Grade Official of Qing Jing Court → Eigth Grade Official of Clothes Department], Lu Zhen's confidant
  • Ren Xue Hai as Zhu Er Ting [Fourth Grade Appraiser of Housekeeping Bureau], Lu Zhen's mentor. Descendant of Ding family, is skilled in making carved porcelain
  • Zhang Hai Ping as Li Da Dan (voiced by Zhang Zhen), Zhu Er Ting's disciple
  • Li Wen Wen as Qiu La Mei (voiced by Tang Xiao Xi) [Lou Qing Qiang's attendant → Lou Zhao Jun's attendant]
  • Liu Bai Cha as Ruan Niang (voiced by Zhang Kai) [Wang Xuan's and Xiao Huan Yun attendant]
  • Jiang Kai Tong as Li Yu Qiao (voiced by Ji Guan Lin) [Maid of Xiu Wen Hall]
  • Bao Wen Jing as Lu Qing Jia (voiced by Zhang Kai) [First Class Attendant of Qing Jing Court]
  • Chai Bi Yun as Li He Rui (voiced by Bai Xue Cen) [First Class Attendant of Qing Jing Court]
  • Yuan Ling Yan as Chen Fang Hua (voiced by Zhang Kai) [Shen Jia Min's attendant → First Class Attendant of Jewelry Department]
  • Hua Jiao as Chen Yue Hua [Shen Jia Min's attendant → First Class Attendant of Jewelry Department]
  • Xu Xin Yu as Li Yu Ming (voiced by Qiu Qiu) [Maid of Xiu Wen Hall]
  • Li Mei as Officer Qi (voiced by Zhang Kai) [Sixth Grade Official of Justice Department]
  • Peng Jing as Lu A'ning [Trainee maid at Yong Qin Court], Lu Zhen's friend
  • Tian Lu Han as Chen Qiuniang [Trainee maid at Yong Qin Court], Shen Bi's friend
  • Zhou Shao Dong as Gao Zhong (voiced by Shang Hong), Gao Zhan's guard
  • Zhang Hao Ran as Yuan Lu, Gao Zhan's attendant
  • Tao Shuai as Yuan Fu, Gao Yan's attendant
  • Chen Bing Qiang as Yuan Shou, Du Heng's attendant
  • Zhang Ping Juan as Ceremonial Master Chen (voiced by Xu Meng) [Sixth grade official of Clothes Department → Official of Justice Department]
  • Sun De Yuan as Prime Minister Zhang
  • An Li Min as Minister Wang
  • Feng Pu as Lou Jian, Lou Zhao Jun's brother
  • Wei Yu as Lou Shao [Prince Tai Yuan → Prime Minister], Lou Zhao Jun's relative.
  • Ma Jiao as Chun Xiang (voiced by Yan Meng Meng)
  • Ye Zi Tang as Palace maid
Lu family
Shen family
  • Cao Yan Yan as Madame Shen, Shen Jia Yan and Shen Jia Min's mother
  • Li Yu Xuan as Shen Jia Yan (voiced by Bian Jiang) [Second grade Royal Guard]. A loyal subordinate of Gao Zhan; likes Lu Zhen
  • Xi Xue as Shen Jia Min (voiced by Ma Hai Yan) [Sixth grade official of Jewelry Department]. She hates Lou Qing Qiang for killing her sister and wants to avenge her. Likes Gao Zhan
  • Yang Hong Wu as Shen Jue Wu [Fifth grade official→Fourth grade official of Minister of Justice], Shen Bi's father
External tribe
  • Madina Memet as Murong Jijiha'er [Du Mei Er] (voiced by Chen Qian), a businesswoman of the Western regions and later envoy of Tuyuhun
  • Deng Sha as Tangut Batelan (voiced by Zhang Kai) [Princess Yu Yang of Xian Bei Tribe], Gao Yan's cousin and Shen Jia Yan's fiancee
Chen Kingdom
  • Chen Jing Yu as Chen Jing, Emperor Wen of Chen Kingdom. Chen Shuang Yu's father
  • Lv Jia Rong as Li Qiu Lan (voiced by Zhang Kai), Madame Yue Guo, Chen Shuang Yu's aunt
  • Liu Yue as Chen Shuangyu, Princess Tong Chang and later Empress of Northern Qi (Gao Zhan's wife). Only has the mental capacity of an eight-year-old due to an illness

Production Credits


  • 2013 Tudou Young Choice Awards:
  • 2013 LeTV Awards: Most Popular Actress (Zhao Li Ying)
  • 2013 Asia Rainbow TV Awards: Actor with the Most Potential (Chen Xiao)
  • 2013 China TV Drama Awards:


  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios.
  • The drama was a commercial success, consistently ranking in first against other shows during the same timeslot.
  • A "companion drama", titled Ban Shu Legend was later released in 2015.

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