Legend of Master Soh

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Legend of Master Soh


  • Title: 醉拳苏乞儿 / zuì quán sū qǐ ér
  • English Title: Legend of Master Soh
  • Other Title: 廣東十虎蘇乞兒
  • Genre: Wuxia/Drama
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast period: 1999
  • Broadcast network: TVB


The Saga of Soh Chan, the spoiled son of a rich merchant, is chronicled in this 20-episode mini-series. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Soh was a martial arts fanatic. But when all of his family's financial assets were stripped by their vicious enemy, Soh lost everything and became a baggar. He was on the brink of his death, until Soh met a mysterious martial artist, who world eventually make Soh the king of all beggars.

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  • Felix Wong as Soh Can (苏灿)
  • Wu Ma as Su Gui (苏贵)
  • Ruby Lin as Hong Qi Lian (洪绮莲)
  • 刘大刚 as Lei Pao (雷炮)
  • 罗家英 as Hong Ying (洪鹰)

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