Liang Shan Qi Qing

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Liang Shan Qi Qing


  • Title: 梁山奇情 / Liang Shan Qi Qing
  • Also known as: 水浒后传 / Shui Hu Hou Zhuan / Water Margin Sequel
  • Genre: Wuxia, romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast period: 1992
  • Opening theme song: Ren Jian De Ai Xin Da Yu Tian (人间的爱心大于天) Love Among Humankind is Greater than the Sky by Kevin Xie (解晓东)
  • Ending theme song: Xiang Ni, Hen Ni, Ai Ni (想你,恨你,爱你) Miss You, Hate You, Love You by Pai Hui (千百惠)
  • Insert songs:
  • Ren Xiang Ju (人相聚) Meeting Together by Wu Ming (无鸣)
  • Yi Ye Xiang Si (一夜相思) Thinking of Each Other Through the Night by Wu Ming (无鸣)
  • Bu Wang Liang Shan Er Nv Qing (不忘梁山儿女情) Never Forget the Romances of Mount Liang


Towards the end of the Yuan Dynasty, some 200 hundred years after the events of Water Margin, the tale of national discord forcing the hand of oppressed civilians continues with the descendants of the Mount Liang warriors. Among them are Song Jiang's descendant Song Bi Yun, Qin Ming's descendant Qin Mei Niang, Dong Ping's descendant Dong Da Peng, and Shi En's descendant, Shi Nai'an, who would later be credited with the writing of one China's most well-known works. The four youths are separated after a massacre launched by the government, and although fate would have them all meet again 15 years later, the circumstances under which they grew up would serve as the basis for conflicting loyalties.

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  • Xu Fei (徐菲) as child Dong Da Peng

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