Light the Night

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Light the Night


  • Title: 華燈初上 (华灯初上) / Hua Deng Chu Shang
  • English title: Light the Night
  • Previously known as: Blue Hour
  • Genre: Workplace, romance, drama, life
  • Episodes: 24 (3 parts of 8)
  • Broadcast network: Netflix
  • Broadcast period: 2021-11-26 (Part 1), 2021-12-30 (Part 2), 2022-03-18 (Part 3)


Set in the 80s, about the lady boss of a Japanese themed hotel "Light" and the ladies under her.



  • Ruby Lin as Luo Yu Nong / Rose, singer and boss of the establishment
  • Tony Yang as Pan Wen Cheng, a detective who lives not far from the Light
  • Cheryl Yang as Su Qing Yi / Sue, Rose's best friend and godmother of her son
  • Rhydian Vaughan as Jiang Han, a screenwriter for the local TV station. Rose's boyfriend, who no longer loves her.
  • Derek Chang as He Yu En
  • Esther Liu as Li Shu Hua / Hana
  • Cherry Hsieh as Ji Man Ru / Ah Chi, one of the older ladies, addicted to lotteries and in debt with local lone sharks.
  • Nikki Hsieh as Huang Bai He / Yuri
  • Puff Kuo as Wang Ai Lian / Aiko


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