Lin Bei

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Lin Bei


  • Title: 珍愛林北 (珍爱林北) / Chen Ai Lin Pei (Zhen Ai Lin Bei)
  • English title: Lin Bei
  • Also known as: 珍愛百分百 (珍爱百分百) / Chen Ai Pai Fen Pai (Zhen Ai Bai Fen Bai)
  • Genre: Romance, family
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: CTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-29 to 2011-Oct-07
  • Air time: Fridays 22:00


A car accident and a wedding dress was what needed to shock Kong Yun Qing out of his lackluster life. He grew up having everything he ever asked for, so naturally he was not motivated to achieve greatness. Then one night, his car crashed into Lin Xiao Ni and ruined her wedding dress. The ruined dress led to a chain of events which resulted in him buying her family's unprofitable little boutique. His employees included the former owner Lin Bei, Xiao Ni's cowardly but loving father, Qian Yu, Xiao Ni's brand-name loving sister, and Xiao Ni herself, a girl who has the passion for making clothes and the dogged determination to keep her family store going. Suddenly, Kong Yun Qing found himself on a mission to revive their little store.

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