Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol

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Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol


  • Title: 소녀탐정 박해솔 / Sonyeotamjeong Bakaesol
  • Also known as: Maiden Detective Park Haesol
  • Episodes: 4
  • Format: Drama Special Series
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-12 to 2012-Mar-04
  • Air time: Sunday 23:35


After her father passed away on his way meet her, girl genius Park Haesol lives shutting herself away from the world. She dropped out of a school for the gifted and works part-time at a pet grooming shop. She meets Officer Choi Taepyeong through a case involving a dead dog. Because of the ability she shows, he tags along and she finds him bothersome. But when he loses his gun after trying to help her, she decided to help him using her special ability. At last, she catches the culprit but also finds out that the same man is related to her father’s death. Now the girl that shut herself from the world, opens up the door to the world as a lady detective! --KBS World

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Main Cast
Supporting Cast
People around Hae Sol
  • Kim Hyun Kyun as Park Won Jae (Hae Sol's dad, former KBK's reporter)
  • Kim Yun Soo as Kim Young Ae (Hae Sol's mom)
  • Lee Moon Soo as Park Gab Yong (Hae Sol's grandpa)
  • Lee Da In as Lee Eun Joo (Hae Sol's friend/pet shop owner, 25)
Police Officers
Extended Cast

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Episodes Information

Date Episode Subtitles
2012-Feb-12 01 Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol
2012-Feb-19 02 Tragedy of the Young Boy Arsonist
2012-Feb-26 03 The Tragedy of the Dancing Popstar
2012-Mar-04 04 The Man With the Silver Cufflinks

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