Love Story in Shanghai

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Love Story in Shanghai


  • Title: 像霧像雨又像風 (像雾像雨又像风) / Xiang Wu, Xiang Yu, You Xiang Feng
  • English title: Love Story in Shanghai
  • Also known as: Symphony of Rain
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Liaoning TV
  • Broadcast period: 2001-Feb-17
  • Opening theme song: Shi Fou Ai Guo Wo (是否爱过我) Have You Ever Loved Me by Sun Nan
  • Ending theme song: Jin Sheng De Ai Zou Yuan (今生的爱走远) by Sun Nan and Ai Yu


Flowing time, floating memory, just like the roaring ocean, attached together like an unchanged melody.

Unforeseen misfortunes fall upon Chen Zi Kun. He is falsely accused of committing murder and thrown in jail. To save her sweetheart, Fang Zi Yi runs hither and thither. With the help of her good friend's brother, Li Ying Qi, Zi Kun was released on bail. But unfortunately, Ying Qi also falls in love with Zi Yi...

Zi Kun starts working as a clock repairman. He goes Mr. Du's villa to fix clocks and it's there that he meets Du Xin Yu, Mr. Du's only daughter. Zi Kun is so deeply impressed by Xin Yu's innocence and perseverance, that he loses his way. Instinctively, he flees with Zi Yi...

Meanwhile, Ying Qi is forced to marry his cousin Fan Li Jun, but he leaves Li Jun at the church to be with Zi Yi. Xin Yu has fallen gravely ill. To save her, Mr. Du kidnaps Zi Kun and sends Xin Yu and Zi Kun to a charming county. There they share the morning and night together, and love blossoms between the two of them...

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