Love of Thousand Years

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Love of Thousand Years


  • Title: 三千鸦杀 / San Qian Ya Sha
  • English title: Love of Thousand Years
  • Also known as: The Killing of Three Thousand Crows
  • Genre: Xianxia, romance
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-19
  • Original soundtrack: Love of Thousand Years OST


Set in the ancient times, the left minister of Da Yan kingdom colluded with the enemy Da Yuan kingdom to cause the demise of Da Yan Kingdom. Witnessing the pain of the people who were being enslaved by the enemy, Di Nu (princess of Da Yan kingdom) vows to find the ancient soul lamp. She takes on the name Qin Chuan and hides in Xiang Qu Mountain, a place for cultivation, where she works as a servant. There, she meets Fu Jiuyun, an ancient immortal who continuously teases her. Unbeknownst to her, Fu Jiuyun has been in love with her for a thousand years. Qin Chuan falls in love with Fu Jiuyun over time, and works together with him to find the soul lamp. She discovers that Fu Jiuyun's true identity is the lamp wick needed to ignite the spiritual lamp, and that she will also disappear once she lit the lamp. The two of them eventually decided to sacrifice themselves to save the people from misery. Their sacrificial spirit and noble love touched the gods, who allowed them to reunite.

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An immortal residing at Xiang Qu Mountain. His identity is a soul remnant from the ancient soul lamp, and has been wandering in the mortal realm for a thousand years. In the mortal realm, he is known as Master Qi, a musician of Li Kingdom.
New identity of Di Nu (Yan Yan). A servant at Xiang Qu Mountain. She bears the burden of avenging her vanquished kingdom.
Di Nu (Yan Yan)'s servant and close friend.
Princess of Li Kingdom. After discovering the schemes of the Left Minister, she was blinded and her kingdom was annihilated. She changed her identity and appearance since then to avenge her country.
Royal lady of the Hou Manor in Li Kingdom. Qin Chuan's cousin.
Son of Left Minister. Qin Chuan's first love.
Xiang Qu Mountain
  • Wang Chun Yuan as Xiang Qu Mountain Master
  • Li Lu Qi as Mei Shanjun, an immortal and friend of Fu Jiuyun
  • Li Ming Jun as Bai Jingzi, a mirror and Fu Jiuyun's subordinate
  • Zhang Ding Ding as Qing Qing, senior disciple of Xiang Qu mountain
  • Li Zhao as Zi Jin, disciple of Xiang Qu mountain
  • Lu Ting Yu as Yi Xin, disciple of Xiang Qu mountain
  • Xu Meng Yuan as Cui Ya, servant of Xiang Qu Mountain and Tan Chuan's close friend
Tian Yuan Kingdom
First prince of Tian Yuan Kingdom. A cruel and arrogant man who is indulgent in women and wine.
Prince of Da Tian Yuan Kingdom. He appears as a hedonistic playboy to others but is actually an intelligent schemer. He disguises as a fool at Xiang Qu Mountain in order to take the soul lamp.
  • Zhou Yi as Officer Zhao / Attendant Zhao, head of the attendants at Qiang Xu Mountain. Her actual identity is an officer under Ting Yuan.
  • Wu Shu Lin as Minister Li, Minister of Rites
  • Yan Yang (颜阳) as Baili Shiyue, a pugilistic follower of Ting Yuan
  • Yan Dong as Dugu Zhuitian, a pugilistic follower of Ting Yuan
  • Liao Song Mei as Aunt Guo, kitchen helper of restaurant
  • Li Shi Yan as Lady Boss of Restaurant
Li Kingdom
Zuo Zichen's father. He colluded with Tian Yuan Kingdom to destroy Li Kingdom.
  • Ding Zi Ling as Madame Qiu Hua, Xuan Zhu's mother
  • Lu Huan as Attendant Wang, housekeeper of Zuo Manor

Production Credits

  • Original Writing: San Qian Ya Sha (三千鸦杀) by Shi Si Lang (十四郎)
  • Director: Hui Yu (回宇)
  • Screenwriter: Zhao Tian You (赵天佑)
  • Producer: Lu Guo Qiang (陆国强)
  • Company: Mango TV, New Power

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