Love on a Jujube Tree

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Love on a Jujube Tree


  • Title: 대추나무 사랑걸렸네 / Daechunamu Saranggeollyeotne
  • Also known as: Love on a Jujube Tree / The Jujube Tree (KBS World)
  • Genre: Rural drama
  • Episodes: 852
  • Broadcast network: KBS
  • Broadcast period: 1990-Sep-09 to 2007-Oct-10
  • Air time:
    • Sunday 8:50-9:40 (KBS2, 1990-Sep-09 to 1993-Apr-25)
    • Sunday 10:00-11:00 (KBS1, 1993-May-02 to 1994-Oct-02)
    • Wednesday 19:30-20:25 (KBS1, 1994-Oct-12 to 2007-Oct-10)


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Part 1 - Gochun town, Kimpo city: 1990-Sep-09 to 1998-Sep-09
Part 2 - Yangdo town, Kanghwa province: 1998-Sep-16 to 2001-Feb-28
Part 3 - Munbaek town, Jincheon province: 2001-Mar-07 to 2007-Oct-10

Pak Duk Bo's family

Hyun Wook's family

Gu Pan Jang (구판장)


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