Naked Wedding

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Luo Hun Shi Dai


  • Name: 裸婚时代 / Luo Hun Shi Dai
  • English title: Naked Wedding
  • Genre: Metropolitan life drama, family
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Sichuan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-May-25 start
  • Opening theme song: Chong Lai by Tiger Wong (黄小琥)
  • Ending theme song: Deng Bu Dao De Ai (等不到的爱) Unavailable Love by Wen Zhang
  • Insert songs:
  • Xi Guan (习惯) Habit by Li Hui Zhen (李慧珍)
  • 不痛 (Bu Tong) Painless by Fan Fan
  • Wang Bu Diao De Hai (忘不掉的海) Unforgettable Ocean by Fan Fan


Liu Yi Yang and Tong Jia Qian, two long-time love birds from very different family backgrounds, enter into a "naked marriage" after Jia Qian discovers that she's pregnant, exchanging "no frills" nuptials without the material basis for matrimony - that is, no house or car of their own, or even a real wedding ceremony. After much debate, it's finally decided that the newlywed couple would live with Liu Yi Yang's parents, but conflicts continue to arise with 3 generations living under the same roof and differing viewpoints on issues such as financial management and pregnancy habits. Slowly, cracks begin to develop in the couple's once rock-solid relationship, as they fully experience the bitterness of a "naked marriage."

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