Chong Lai (song)

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Jia Qian and Yi Yang



相爱以后 终于分手
分手以后 又想重来

如果能重来 诚实的去对待
彼此都没疑猜 就没有理由分开
如果能重来 回忆当作尘埃
心不曾被伤害 就能无瑕疵地爱

Lyrics (Hanyu pinyin)[edit]

ni shi fou ai guo
rang ni ri ye wang bu liao de ren
ni hai ji de ma
wo men ceng ai guo
bu tong zhong lei bu tong mian kong de ren
ni ji de na ge ta
xiang ai yi hou zhong yu fen shou
fen shou yi hou you xiang chong lai

ru guo neng chong lai cheng shi de qu dui dai
bi ci dou mei yi cai jiu mei you li you fen kai
ru guo neng chong lai hui yi dang zuo chen ai
xin bu ceng bei shang hai jiu neng wu xia ci de ai
dan shi chong lai que bu neng bao zheng ai de cheng gong huo shi bai
yao chong lai duo shao ci hou cai hui ming bai


Have you ever loved
someone you thought about day and night?
Do you still remember
how we loved
different types and different faces?
Do you still remember that "him"?
After loving each other, finally breaking up;
after breaking up, wanting to start over again.

If starting over is possible, handle [the relationship] with honesty;
[if] neither side harbors doubt, then there'd be no reason to break up.
If starting over is possible, turn recollections into dust;
if the heart has never been hurt, then it can flawlessly love.
But starting over cannot guarantee love's success or failure;
how many times must [we] start over again before realizing this?


  • The complete song actually contains 5 stanzas. These are the 2 stanzas used for the opening theme song of the drama.